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Concussion from slamming on brakes?

The other night while we were driving home at about 65 miles per hour, we had to stop almost immediately due to an elk standing in the road. Starting the next day, I've had concussion symptoms (headache/dizziness/fatigue/sleepiness/mental fatigue/brain fog/difficulty concentrating/feeling out of it). I did not hit my head, but I did sort of brace it/try to hold it in place while we stopped. Is it possible to get a concussion just from slamming on the brakes at 65 miles per hour?
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Not necessarily a Concussion, but a Whiplash Injury.
Whiplash effects from sudden braking( 65 miles/hour is a high risk factor)
in your case would be classified as an Acute Whiplash Injury.
Your injury is likely a grade 3, but regardless, it should be evaluated for the
severity of cervical injury(usually at C2,C6 or C7) and associated neurological symptoms.
When wearing a seatbelt with shoulder restraint, it helps prevent serious injury, but paradoxically the rates of whiplash are higher than without the shoulder restraint!
So please consider getting a medical evaluation, specially if symptoms persist or worsen.
There are other considerations, besides health implications, such as legal,
insurance and employment related issues, which might arise from this incident.
Best wishes,

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