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Could it really be myelopathy?

For over a year I’ve had symptoms it first started out with stabbing stinging sharp bilateral index finger pain went to the doctor and they said it was tendinitis it never went away went back to the doctor and they told me to try physical therapy so I went to physical therapy  but during physical therapy my arm started burning like they were sunburnt but they weren’t went to the doctor they did lots of bloodwork thank started finally getting worse I start having tingling sensations all over my body went and had an MRI done they told me it was probably not a mess and that they don’t know what it was so I went to another neurologist he told me he didn’t think that my symptoms are  neurological by this time I’m freaking out because I have burning pain in my hands my arm stabbing pain in my arms my toes back my head is burning find they went to a specialist and she also was looking for MS she dead evoked vision test a lumbar puncture and another MRI of my brain in my spine she said  this is unlikely MS and that I have spinal cord compression on my C-5 C6 vertebrae when they looked at that last time they found nothing and I had went to a neurosurgeon for it now and has progressed and she said that’s what’s causing my symptoms so I went and did the surgery and had a disc replacement at my C-5 C6 vertebrae I had hyper reflexes and a positive Hoffman sign and they said that symptoms could get worse after surgery and I expect that  but in the meantime I’ve also had some lip twitching some facial twitching in my eyes and a little bit and my chin that just kind of comes and goes and every now and then I’ll get some tingling in my face but that don’t stick around either I did go to the ER for the facial twitching they told me that my CT scan was normal and maybe to look for a tick disorder my question is Can myelopathy Cause all the symptoms as well as facial twitching and stuff I never got a chance to ask my neurosurgeon I don’t see him for a couple more weeks but my neurologist is the one that told me to go to the ER my neurologist and neurosurgeon are also six hours away beings I had to leave my town to find help so if anybody is familiar with this would you please let me know thank you in advance I appreciate it
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