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Do i have brain damage

Im 35 and when i was in my early 20s I had quite a bad drink problem. I was drinking 16 beers a day, but long story short I got sober and was drinking sensibly(5 beers a day) until 3 years ago when I stopped to look after my mum who became ill. I was fine but in the last year ive been getting severe pains down the left side of my head which are giving me tachardiya. Ive also got nystagmus in the last year too. Im completely coherant and talk normally, run errands etc. Does this sound like brain damage? My memory is normal but im scared that drinking sensibly has caused my brain to not use vitamins the way it should. I have no memory problems either. Could this be wet brain or another kind of brain damage? Im really starting to worry.
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Even 5 beers a day is not drinking sensibly, I'm afraid.  And 16 a day, sheez.  Good thing you got sober.

You said 3 years ago you "stopped to look after you mum", does that mean stopped entirely?  Good for you.  For an alcoholic (and sorry, at 16 beers a day that is what a person is) there is no such thing as "drinking sensibly," stopping all the way is the only solution.  (Not 5 beers a day, that is still being an alcoholic.)

If you are now an alcoholic who has stopped drinking entirely, your next step is to see a doctor and get a complete work-up, discuss all your concerns, and get on a healthy track diet-wise.  If you've stopped, you have already done the hardest part of this, keep the momentum up and see your doc.

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