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Fish oil?

I have heard and also read online that taking fish oil is good for brain health.  Then again, you hear this stuff about supplements and most of it is complete hogwash (probably from people selling the product) and you might as well be eating lint.  I ask because the idea of ingesting fish oil sounds gross - I do not really care to eat the fish themselves, much less the oil, but I am guessing and hoping that it doesn't taste like fish.  Anyway, even though it sounds weird, I would consider it if it's something that has an actual benefit.  Has anyone tried it?  Or even heard anything more than advertisements?
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Hi curfew_x,

I just finished reading your comments. Fish oil supplements are actually
very good for you. Fish oil contains omega 3 which is really good for you.
I usually have bought my fish oil capsules in a health food store. I haven't
bought any in awhile though, but plan to again. Fish oil with omega 3
is supposed to be good against depression too. You don't taste the fish
oil at all in case you're concerned about that. Fish oil is good for brain health
because it helps against depression. To wrap up, fish oil does have good
benefits. Try it. See what you think. Eve :)
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I've often wondered,too, what Fish Oil helps.  
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I also experience frequent intense headaches after long periods of computer use, as well as bouts of painful sinus congestion.

I take fish oil supplements daily, but unfortunately I haven't experienced any pain relief. I take them because my skin is fairly sensitive to irritation; the fish oil has helped to reduce my outbreaks of dermatitis.
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Just search EPA and DHA (  omega -3 fatty acids from fish oil)
and separately search deficiencies in those . Huge benefits!!!
You can buy them in various encapsulated forms, that you don't taste anything fishy!

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Look into electromagnetic pollution and it's effects.
There are over 100 causes for sinus pains and headaches.
Also look into totally rebalancing your body and strengthening your immune system.

I do a 45'/15' computer/break per hour, 60'/30' computer/outdoors,
60'/10' computer/meditation and daily Reiki.
12 weeks a year I take a computer/cell phone /etc. holiday and connect with nature as often as possible.
I also drink plenty of spring water, eat fresh and organic as much as possible, stay fit, avoid additives, junk food, sodas, sweets and consume 3-4 T of extra virgin coconut oil daily.
I also take undenatured whey protein, fish oil supplements and transdermal
magnesium oil.
I also meditate daily doing conscious deep breathing!
Headache and sinus free for ever! (almost)

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