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Have I got a brain tumour?

Hi, I'm not getting anywhere very quickly with my GP, so looking for advice.
I've been feeling not 100% for about a year now, headaches, sometimes feeling lightheaded, pins and needles in hands, floaters in eyes. Pain in lower legs (shins), mainly right, some aching in forearms. Pain in chest/ribs.

Been to opticians, all fine, glasses prescription is correct. Had all blood tests done, all fine except for a small deficiency in vit D. Doctor sent me for a neck xray for some reason, upper spine is fine. I’ve been going to a physio and chiropractor who has completely removed the problems in the ribs/chest. Had a n xray of the legs… apparently there is no hairline cracks. Taking vit D3 daily now.

Over the last couple of months it has been getting worse. Constant pressure feeling on the right side of the head, from the back of the head to the bridge of the nose and behind my right eye. Dizziness and light headedness with nausea when going up stairs or looking up. Headaches often, at least twice a week. Still have eye floaters, some pins and needles in handles at night. Occasion twinges of pain in legs. Right ear feels flushed sometimes. Beginning to find it very difficult to concentrate due to the head pressure and headache pain, also floaters in eyes are very distracting.

I had earache in summer holidays in the swimming pool, after swimming along the bottom of the pool. Then had a terrible migraine and nausea when the plane came in to land on the way home. I’ve tried to tell my GP about this, but she doesn’t listen.

Last GP appt. the GP looked in my ears. Said both ears were full with wax, but GP has not prescribed anything and said the symptoms are not ear related. Doc thinks it is nothing serious and is most likely anxiety, she did however finally agree to send me for an MRI after I argued for it again. (This is my ninth visit to the GP)

My concern is that it’s a brain tumor, my other thoughts are either an inner/middle ear problem of some kind and the wax is simply hiding the problem or an ongoing migraine, or possibly ME or MS. My GP thinks it is anxiety or depression without actually ruling out the other things, and has prescribed me pregablin for this. I don’t think I’m anxious, the only thing worrying me is the symptoms. To be clear (as I have been asked this 10 times), my relationship with my wife and kids is good and I have no money worries. I’m hoping the floaters in eyes and aching in arms and legs are unrelated.
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