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Headache for a week

Hello ive had a headache for almost 7 days now, alot of pressure/ slight ache its not severe but enough to drive me crazy. Started out of the blue with really bad head pressure behind both eyes and has change to just one side behind my right eye, i didnt have any type of bad cold recently that i can recall maybe a slight runny nose but thats it. Its starting to worry me and ive convinced myself i have a brain tumor. In the past my right eye (the same one that the pain is behind) would start watering severely when i would wake up in the mornings like someone had poked me right in the eye, it would squint and i couldnt open it for like 5-10minutes and at the same time my right nostril would be stopped up almost like when you have a cold and can breathe from your nostrils. The headache seems to get worse as the day goes on, in the mornings its almost not noticeable at all. The specific area of pain goes from the nose area to my right eye brow. Ive been taking nasal spray and claritin allergy pills but nothing has really helped so far.
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