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Long term effects from brain swelling and cerebullar ataxiw?

So when I was little I had really bad tremors. They were so bad they said I would never write. Eventually I coped and they went away. But then when I was 6 or 7 I had brain swelling and cerebullar ataxia due to the chicken pox....after that I had bad migraines for a short time
But they went away. In school I had a lot of trouble with math and they said I had a learning disability. As I've gotten older I have noticed this has gotten a lot of worse. I cannot focus, I have high anxiety and feel very disconnected from everything around me. I often have trouble driving and frequently almost h t into accidents.i feel like I'm not myself and like I'm living in a two way mirror where I can see everything
But I cannot comprehend or process it. I'm on vyvanse and Zoloft but it doesn't seem to help me anymore. I recently have started to have tingling in my hands and feet and behind my face with in the last year. I also have trouble remembering things......Is this because of what happened to me? What do I do? I've teached out to my dr but It seems like no one believes me :/
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Have you ever been checked for ACM1??
Your symptoms sound all to familiar to me!!
This is something that I was born with & never knew I had until it ripped the rug out from under me in 2008.
I've since had Tethered Cord Release surgery in 2009 & brain surgery in 2012.
I still have a VERY POOR quality of life! Unfortunately, this is often misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Migraines. I was being tested for MS & Chiari showed up on my C spine MRI. The neurologist told me that it wasn't significant & I should just ignore it. He, like MANY neurologists, are not well versed in this disorder! It's taken me 9 years & several states to find a neurologist that specializes & is well versed in this horribly misdiagnosed, debilitating disorder!
There are more Neurosurgeons that specialize in this than there are Neurologists that do.
Best of luck to you! If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate to reach out!
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