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Hi guys. I am wondering can anyone give me advice on my migraines/bad head pains! I have been getting migraines for almost 5 months now at the start it was every day for nearly 2 months. The doctor put me on painkillers and told me she would send me for an mri scan. I am still waiting for the scan its been six months later i am still in pain with my head even though i am taking my pain relief i have a migraine diary too she checks tge odd time. What to do?
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thats a long time to wait for an MRI.  usually, migraines dont last very long, and can be alleviated by caffeine.  Excedrine migraine, or the like should work.  If not, Id get a push on that doc!  Are you in the US?
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Hi Leila. I'm sorry you're going through all this suffering.

I'll give you a few ideas and suggestions.

1. Make sure you always stay well hydrated.
Drink plenty of water 1 hour away from meals.
2. Try going gluten-free and dairy-free for a few weeks.
Sensitivities to gluten and/or dairy could trigger or even cause migraines.
3. Your migraines started 5 months ago. Was there an event or a change
which may have contributed to them?
4. Look into MSM powder. I know people whose headaches and migraines
have been treated successfully by supplementing with MSM.
It has eliminated my sinuses completely! 5 grams x 2 daily with juice or water.
5. Have your Methylocobalamin B12 and your Methylfolate (neurological
forms of b12 and folate) levels checked. Or just do a trial of these (both!), which might be easier than getting the tests.
TMG is another alternative supplement you can also try, which is cheaper and see how that might work for you.
The ultimate one to take is SAMe.
All these help with low methylation issues, which is often an underlying cause of migraines and headaches-something doctors don't investigate.

I hope this helps, however, my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Nice photo of you and your sister, BTW.  Are you on the left side?
Just curious.

Best wishes!

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Hi thank u for your comment i have tried so much the only thing that works is milk and painkillers which i hate taking because i have stomach problems since i was a baby. :( i went to visit my doctor today she basically just told me to sit through it keep filling out my headache diary and she'll get me a scan when she can :( hope it is just headaches and nothing happens to me while i am waiting. I suffer from anxiety also so i think the worst.
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Thank u for all those tips niko yes i am the blonde :) i haven't got any tests like that done the doctors here aren't really the best u just tell them how your feeling and they will put it down to whatever! I dont really remember anything to trigger the cause of them. I was ment to go for an mri scan 2 months ago i am still waiting.
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Hey Leila,

Your chronic stomach issues from the cradle on, indicate underlying unresolved issues, which may be related to your other symptoms.

I would seriously consider the gfdf trial for a few weeks.
There's also suspicion of deficiencies due to poor absorption.

You should ask for a complete nutritional-vitamin-mineral panel.
Magnesium should be tested for tissue levels or it might be easier to just supplement. Best way I have found is to do transdermal magnesium oil
applications. Look it up or let me know if you need details.

These imbalances would not show anything on the MRI unless they have contributed to serious inflammation, causing lesions or other abnormalities
yet, could be responsible for a lot of your suffering, including the anxiety!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm just a click away!

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Thanks so much niko u have really helped i am going to Google all of this! I just want to have a normal life. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but the doctor just puts it down to migraines the hole time. Then other weeks she says it's my anxiety. I have had stomach issues since i was a baby and i was diagnosed with endometriosis earlier in the year. :(
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