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Need advise for dizziness. Please!!!!!

I have 24/7 dizziness for a year non-stop. This Friday I'm going to have to take a 9 hour ship ride because I'm moving back with my parents in order to sort this dizziness out. There is no other way of traveling because I live in an island. What can I do? Is this going to affect me a lot? Is it dangerous?
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Have you had the head manipulation process tried?

That's based on your problem being caused by some debris in your inner ear canal resting on the sensitive hair fibers that help us orient outselves and maintain our balance.  The manipulation process is designed to allow that debris to shift and collect elsewhere (it usually works very well, but there are some exceptions).
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No doctor has ever mentioned this to me. Thank you, sincerily!!!!!!!!
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Here's a description of a couple of routines for a doctor or therapist to perform:

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