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Pineal cyst

My 13 year old daughter was sent for an mri due to having headaches and fatigue,after 9 days of not hearing anything I rang up and asked for them,they told me her mri was normal but they had found a cyst which they said was nothing to worry about,the day after I got a letter saying normal mri but slight thickening of the mucosal lining and a thin walled 6mm pineal cyst which they think is insignificant, I have now been sent a letter referring my daughter to a neurologist and I'm now so very worried they think it could be something more worse than just a cyst,my appointment isn't until the 31st of jan with the neurologist and I am going out of my mind with worry,has anyone had anything similar happen to them.kind regards.
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I'm sorry you're having to wait.  Statistically speaking this is probably benign and everything will be fine.  But once in a while it's not, so better safe than sorry.  It sounds like she is at the typical age for a benign pineal cyst to get bigger, so that seems like a good sign that this is probably all this is.  Perhaps her headaches are unrelated and hormonal also.  
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Hi I keep telling myself this but has a mum you can't help thinking the worst,thanks for your reply and will update on Friday after I've been to see the neuros xx
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Hi went to see neuros today,and they are 99.9% sure it's a cyst,they will be doing a follow up mri with contrast in 6 months,this has taken some worry from me but still very worried as the scan she had previously was done without contrast.
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