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Please Help!!!

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what could have caused what I'm about to explain or if they have ever heard of this happening to anyone else.  I'm a 33 yr old female (AF Nurse and Law Student). I was driving going about 55 mph when all of the sudden it felt like my car was sliding and I was losing control and as I jerked the wheel all of the sudden I got tunnel vision to basically no vision and it felt as if the car flew off the road and started rolling over and over on it's side violently and I thought I was about to die .. Within what felt like was 7 seconds ..I came to and I was headed for oncoming traffic and I managed to swerve and miss a truck headed for me and pull over.  As soon as I pulled over I realized the car had never rolled or lost any control and that a surge in my brain made me feel as this was all happening all in about 5 seconds total from start to finish. I sat there stunned and petrified as this growing pain started building in the left side of my head/brain followed by stabbing pains all on the left side. My sister picked me up and rushed me to the ER where they did a basic CT scan of my head and UA and Bloodwork.  They ruled out stroke and I believe hemorrhage.  But had no answers for me:(. Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone?  It was without a doubt the scariest thing that's ever happened to me in my life.  The roadside bomb that struck me in Iraq doesn't even compare to this.  I'm wondering if I had a near death experience or if I'm even safe to drive again at all.  I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks so very much
Ps I was told after a MRI in 2010 that I had an Angioma or small tumor on my brain that they suspected I was born with if this relates to that at all I don't know..
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This can definitely be caused by the angioma. You should discuss this with your doctors.
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