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What symptoms did you experience with your encephalitis?

The signs and symptoms of encephalitis are the same for adults and children. Infants may have poor feeding, irritability, vomiting, bulging fontanel, and body stiffness; such symptoms in an infant always constitute a medical emergency.Signs and symptoms may last for two to three weeks, are flu-like, and can include one or more of the following which in some individuals may become progressively worse and continue over time:FeverFatigue, muscle weakness, rhythmic muscle contractions, muscle painSore throatStiff neck and backLoss of appetiteVomiting and nauseaHeadacheConfusionIrritabilityUnsteady gait, weaknessProblems with coordinationDrowsinessVisual sensitivity to lightMore severe cases may involve these signs and symptoms:SeizuresMuscle weaknessParalysisMemory lossSudden impaired judgmentDelirium and/or hallucinationsDisorientationPoor responsiveness or altered level of consciousness
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