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Worrying to death.. brain tumor?

Hello, Im hoping someone can help me figure out what's wrong with my head.

It all started in April 2015. I had a very pinpoint pressure on the top left of my head. It wasn't any of my usual headaches this one was just a lot of pressure in a particular spot. This pressure lasted nonstop for days and days from waking up to going to bed. I also started to get a numbing and tingling sensation from that point and spreading down to my face along with kight headedness. After visiting the ER a few days later and getting a CT they said they couldn't find anything and just follow up with my usual doctor. He said it could've just been a type of virus effecting only that line of nerves. After that it actually went away for a while so I thought nothing of it.Although around the start of September, it came back but a bit worse. I had an MRI w/o contrast done towards the end of the month and it came back clean, they still say nothings wrong but I know it's something. I have an appointment with a neurologist next month but I'm afraud to wait any longer. Now the pressure on that spot has turned into pain as well, especially if I press down on the area. I also know I have a lump on that point of the pressure as well. My mom says she doesn't feel it hut I can plain as day. Last few days it's been hurting in my neck too and occasionally the temple area as well. I also see little squigglies floating across my eye in the day time, bunch of them. I don't wanna go back to the ER because I doubt they'll do anything without me seeing a neurologist first but it gets worse by the day, pressure and pain. I don't know what I should do..
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It may be migraine but maybe we should wait and let the neurologist give you a diagnosis. Anyway I don't think you need to be afraid. It seems like you are getting good health care. With both a ct and MRI normal and a neurologist appointment coming up. Almost all bad things including brain tumor are ruled out by these tests you have had. Don't worry.
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Thanks for the advice. I've just been looking up stuff almost frantically because of these symptoms popping up the longer it goes. I've also heard that mri dyes can make a lot of difference. I'm just gonna try and hope it's nothing, thank you though
That's how it started out for me a specific spot in my head where it did have a type of pattern at first be like 4 days of severely burning burning burning pain nausea sick to my stomach confused the whole nine yards for like 4 days then it would go to like pitching you don't like like when you have an injury that's healing and it itches a little for like 4 days but I would be a little bit better as for the confusion about four days to die. It will go numb and when it was numb I could think right I could talk right I could act right I can remember I knew I was going it was the weirdest but on those 4 days I did everything I possibly could I wore myself out cuz I know it was coming back a little man with a ******* nice pic and then I got these injections in the first injection hit it right in the exact spot the exact spot of the first but I called worms cuz that's what it felt like moving in my head when they were swollen and they hurt so bad oh my God that hurts so bad worse than anything I've ever felt then the next day I was fine it hurt a little bit but I could think I could walk I could talk and that lasted for 6 weeks oh my God I almost feel like myself again
They were injections to deaden the nerve I got insurance because it was costing me a fortune that I couldn't pay out of pocket anymore I mean well over $100,000 and thankfully I had help now that I had excuse me unacceptable insurance now I'm will no longer cash was double-billed was not seen any more by that doctor because my insurance wasn't considered a primary and Tash wasn't considered a secondary or primary and I know I paid for everything a couple of times I did lose a receipt or forget a receipt and I would call and they would send me one or email me one or have me come pick up one but not the last few times after Double billing me and saying that I owe them well over $9000 $9,000 in mean I mean now I'm wearing my memory patient right so I'm wonder how many other people they double built and tell me my records are in archives but they can produce me with a receipt I did the whole time I was going there before $400 per shot 13 shots 198 to walk in the office whatever other other odds and ends test or whatever cost 10 grand here 20 I hope you find out what's wrong
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Have you found out anything yet? I have many if these same issues.
I went to all the doctors ENT and then Neurosurgeon.  Neurosurgeon gave me Botox to help the nerves and headaches but only worked for about 1.5-2 weeks and headaches came back worse.  So he put me on meds to help with nerve pain again but it did not work either.  I finally told them i want this small Osteoma out of my head.  Got another appoint with ENT and MRI scheduled.  Its not big and ENT doesnt want to do surgery i know but something isnt right.   He says its normal headaches but when its a sharp pain right at spot of lump i know the difference between headache and this.  
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Hi! Checking in to see if you found any answers? I’m a lot dealing with almost the exact symptoms you are. Thanks! Hope you are doing well
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