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brain MRI suggestion

my wife is 44 years old , she complains from numbness that comes for one or two weeks and disappear for months or a year,  and no other symptoms, she was reading(Googling) a lot about Multiple sclerosis (MS) , she insisted in seeing a doctor  and insisted in having an MRI, she has done the first one SIX YEARS AGO, second was TWO YEARS LATER,  third one this week, the result of the MRI's were almost the same for  three of them , but in the third time she (my wife) talked to the RADIOLOGIST about her fear from VASULITIS befor the MRI (she google a lot) , the findings of the MRI are:

Brain MRI finding
Multiple foci of subcortical and periventricular T2/flair high signal seen with both cerebral hemispheres. No posterior fossa lesions.NO diffusion restriction.
These foci are most in keeping with chronic small vessel disease.
No intra-axial or intra-axial hemorrhage identified.
No major territorial infraction demonstrated.
The midline remains central, and the ventricles are unremarkable.
Feature that are most suggestive of chronic small vessel disease . However, the possibility of vasculitis cannot be entirely excluded based on imaging only, for clinical and laboratory correlation.

My questions are:
1- is this some thing we should worry about??
2-is the result enough or we have to do further things?
3- any suggestion ?

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