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5mm micro adenoma causing hair loss?

Hello all, I was recently diagnosed with a micro adenoma of 5mm after a test of slightly elevated prolactin which then doubled in at 53 ng/ml at the next test. I have had the oddest symptoms that has my GP confused. Thankfully I got the MRI and it was seen then. I just want to know if I may have other issues due to my tumor? Here are my long-term symptoms that I had never considered abnormal until now:

1. No sense of smell- I can only smell scents if they are strong, have been like this for years but not when I was a kid.
2. Sugar tooth for life turned into salt tooth about 1.5 years ago. I could live off salty chips but don't.
3. Memory-loss, I had amazing memory until the end of high school, now I can hardly retrace my steps from the day before and forget mid-process why I'm going to x place to do y if its a non-routine task.
4. Irregular periods (used to be too little, now too often.)

These are the symptoms that caused me to get checked this year:
1. Easily bruising (went away now probably because of the 10 supplements I take) despite having ferritin of 43 after 1 year of supplementing iron.
2. Inability to lose weight, despite following CICO and intense exercise 3-5x/week, this has been going on for years.
3. Diffuse hair thinning for past 3 years, but now irregular escalated shedding and scalp itchiness.
4. Loss of eyerbrow and eyelash hair, slow regrowth at times, fast regrowth at times.
5. Lack of sex drive, vaginal dryness.
6. Clear liquid coming from right breast (very little though)

This has me confused and my GP. The hair loss is the most scarring for me, I'm considering getting a hair topper but want to fix the root cause- which my doctor doesn't care about at all since it's cosmetic. I'm wondering if it's due to the PRL or my testosterone, which has dropped from 45 to 33 since the prolactin had rose. My prolactin isn't sky high and my adenoma is only 5mm. I tested negative for anti-bodies, and the months leading up to the hair loss were some of the best months of my life, so I'm certain it's not TE. I get itchy more near my nape and that part if very thin and bad in texture. I use nizoral and natural shampoo now and it's doing ok, but somethings funky. I used to have oily scalp all my life, and now it's dry and very slightly flaky. Hair loss hasn't stopped and I'm so scared.

Is this common with pituitary tumors? Not the tumor itself I suppose but its effect on something else? I have read very promising accounts of cabergoline, but I have also heard of endos wanting to wait it out and order an MRI again after half a year or more. I'm really affected mentally by the hair and just overall- I can't control my emotions and wake up with anxiety everyday. I hope my endocrinologist doesn't avoid me taking meds to shrink it. Any insight would be amazing.

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Forgot to mention, I am female, 23 years old.
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