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ok guys hiiiiii! my name is forrest and im 20 years old first off any help or ideads you can give is WONDERFULL

ok so allllll my symptoms started about 2 years ago! in fact it will be two years on september 16th
i was laying in bed one morning and this feeling... yes it was a feeling with things like this you just know. something literaly swept over my body.... and i knew i felt imidatley diffrent. i ran to the shower to see it if would help , it didnt.

i guess i should tell you what the feeling was.

well the best way to describe it was brain fog.
nothing unbearable but enough to scare me really bad.

i was still getting health insurance at this time as well

so i was making all kinds of calls and schedualing appointments looking for anwsers

the brain fog / altered state of consciousness never left. Ever. when i woke it was still there always, of course i naturaly got used to it but i always knew it was there becuse i knew and still do remember what i felt like before this

within the first five months ( september 09- febuary 09) was virtualy the same my symptoms included

HIGH altered state of consciousness
slight to medium fatigue
elevated heartrate/ panic attacks

i couldnt deal with these very easy at first but in the first  2 to 3 months i got used to them natualy.

i had every kind of test ran
CT scan- nothing came up
allergy tests- normal
everything was practically fine.

then around march of 2010 everything changed. i felt amazing not 100% better but 90% at least everything was great my symptoms were virtualy gone my brain fog/ altered conciousness was still there but so vage it seemed like. this went on till about september the one year anniversary of when i originaly felt bad
my symptoms all flooded back within a night. but worse

on top of all the previous symptoms now i had developed
Highblood pressure and severe asthma so bad in fact i think to this day i have ARDS or something along these lines
i weighed 160 stood in at about 6-6'1
so by no means fat , skinny even.

my blood pressure was so high in fact i would have readings of
160/100 normaly

i found a doctor willing to work with me.
i describe all my symptoms and he ran a series of tests at reduced costs

(at this point i was so sick i was in bed all the time literaly 24/7 i quit my job and just got money from friends and small small side jobs)
i wasent able to work hard jobs by any means and am still not but anyways

he put me on 50mg of metropolol for my high bp to manage it
he thought i was depressed and that my symptoms might be from some anxiety related things
so he put me on a type of anti depressant as well.

the anti depressant medicine did not work as i had imagined and let him know it wouldnt.
after countless anti D meds i finaly gave up and never returned

still taking the metropolol for my heart but nothing else

as time went on i developed even more symptoms!

ive always been a relitively healthy eater and take vitimins regularly and exercise as well.
i finaly got to the point that exercise (even mild) was impssible

i try to get up and do some but i cant i do the minimum to stay decent

as time has progrssed i have had so many more symptoms

including and in order.

numb/tingling hands and feet.
chest pains
regular headaches
headaches in back of skull
headaches behind eyes
very mottled hands
extreme cold sensitivity
extreme heat sensitivity
constant  horrible breathing problems (i cant take a full breath ever)
constant mucas discharge/ mucusy throat
randoms stiff pains all over body
(some days neck killing me other arm has sharp pains or leg ect...)
watery yellow glassy eyes
ear pains
temple pains
walking with a gait
waking up confused and very dizzy
Extremley cold scrotum (testicles are not even retracted)
dry hot hands
forms of muscle atrophy

i have looked up everything from
brain tumor
brain lesion
Acute sinusitus ( thinking a possibilty)
THroat cancer
chiari formation
Vegetative-vascular dystonia
brain abcess
guillain barr syndrome

i have no idea

i cannot do anythingf anymore literaly nothing
my only comfort zone is my house witch im in 23/24 hours a day
the only time i leave is for food

my symptoms have gotten so bad im to the point of giving up
i cant be in public anymore i start getting cold sweats my hands go numb my derealization kick into overdrive
my hand start to become mottled.

latley (past 4 or 5 days) when i lay down i become unusally tired like exhausted. even if im just lounging around
and when i do sleep i wake up confused unbearable tired to the point of stupor my eyes are dark red
my testicles are freezing yet still hanging normaly.
my hands are dry and painfull

im at my whits end and ive virtually given up all hope

i dont have insurance ether witch of course is why i cannot get any help

its a lose/ lose becuse i have to work to affored insirance but in my state theres no way possible.

Thankyou for ALL your help!

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What kind of doctor did you see and what tests were run?

Sure, you can read on the internet all sorts of diseases and freak yourself out - but odds of a 20 year old with them - ah, not very high... so you need to get copies of the tests, and see what was found.

Also, look at easier/obvious things like diet and lifestyle for changes so you can make - that can help too.

Have you asked for help from  your parents?
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Of course, the first thought that would come to one's mind reading this is depression/anxiety. I realize that you tried the meds, but often the meds are not very effective unless used in conjunction WITH regular therapy. Have you seen a psychiatrist?

Now, of course it is possible that you do have an underlying medical condition. Even if the initial cause was not anxiety, I think that after dealing with these symptoms for so long, you have most likely developed anxiety or depression. Pretty much any person would. And I am speaking from experience, as I am now developing severe anxiety after dealing with a brain tumor for 6 months. I am going to see a psyD to help me figure out which of my symptoms are due to a physical, medical problem (brain tumor and surgery) and which are a result of the anxiety that comes from being sick and recovery.

A psychiatrist would not solve your underlying medical issue, but he would give you tools and possibly meds to cope with the process of figuring out what is wrong. I understand the fear of leaving your home because you are afraid of how tired you will be after. Being sick is a huge physical, mental and emotional drain. A psychiatrist may also be able to tell what type of doctor to see.

Most insurance plans allow you to stay on your parent's plan until you are 26.
This website explains community health centers- http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/03/23/uninsured-where-you-can-find-medical-help-between-now-and-2014/

http://www.freemedicalsearch.org/sta/oklahoma   helps you search for free medical clinics

I know you don't have insurance, but as you know, this won't magically resolve itself. You have to find answers to your medical issues, as well as the psychological impact this has had on you. Once you have a diagnosis, you can probably find a physician or hospital willing to treat you on a sliding scale, or as a charity case. In the mean time consider money spent on doctors as an investment in your quality of life. Clearly, that quality is very poor right now.

Best of luck in finding answers.
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