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Are these Pituitary tumor/disorder symptoms?

I think I have a pituitary tumor. I had 2 MRIs done, one in 2019 and another in 2020 due to headaches. The results both stated there was a small spot of hyperintensity on the posterior gland. Doctor offered me to get a second MRI with contrast but told me it was most likely nothing, stating that can come up in an exam if you move even slightly. I foolishly declined due to my fear of the contrast. Fast forward to February 2021 I'm nearing the end of the 3rd trimester in my pregnancy and I start getting crazy symptoms. Fast heart rate, extreme dizziness, lightheadedness, numb and tingly lips and left side of face, loss of balance, a pressure in my left temple. I had multiple tests done to rule out pre-eclampsia. My water broke early on February 28th and just like that the majority of my symptoms went away and for the following 4 months I could function normally. Since July symptoms have returned with a vengeance. The pressure in my Left temple area is unrelenting and starting to get painful and pain behind my left eye.
Some other symptoms:
-Horrible pressure in head/migraines lasting for days
-Rapid/Irregular heart rate usually first thing in the morning - eventually subsides
-Dizziness, feeling disoriented almost like I am not in my own body. Everything feels slow
-Body aches, weakness, fatigue
-Hot flashes or feeling too cold
-Novacane like sensation in left side of face especially lips
-Goosebumps & cold sensation in scalp/head, legs and other extremities
-Leg pain (both sides)
-Trouble concentrating/forming sentences & processing information
-Overwhelming feelings of sadness, fear, and worry accompanied by crying spells/feelings of intense happiness
(Please don't tell me It's just anxiety, this is more than that)
-Loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss
-Panic attacks due to me concentrating on these symptoms

I am currently exclusively breastfeeding and plan to for as long as possible. But now I'm worried because I read online that a pituitary tumor can grow when breastfeeding, obviously that makes sense since the gland controls breast milk production. Maybe that would explain why I've been having worse symptoms these past 3 months.
I only get a week or less where I feel ok and can function alright before I start feeling this way again....

Question is...
can symptoms of a pituitary tumor come & go and why?
And yes I don't have a clue whether or not it is actually a tumor but I assume it is because...well
why else would I have this pressure and all these weird symptoms?
I'm a stay at home mom, I try my hardest to not let this affect how I am when I'm around him but some days I have to really push myself to ignore how I'm feeling. I'm making a doctors appointment first thing on Monday...
Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Also what might cause these tingling sensations in my head it's very scary. Could it be from a compressed nerve?
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what was the outcome? feeling a tingling/ wet sensation on side of head myself.

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