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Brain tumor?

Hello, I'm new here. I don't know if I am posting this correctly, but here I go. For the past 3 months, I have been feeling dizzy, my vision blurs, and I feel a pain on the left side of my head. Then, my head goes numb. Sometimes the numbness is so strong, the inside of my ear goes numb, as well as the whole left side of my head. I was talking to my mom, b/c she had 2 brain tumors when she was 34. I am 32 going on 33. Sometimes I say things that make no sense, or I know what I'm trying to say, but can't say it out loud. And now I started to stutter. Does anyone know, if I should be really concerned? I have no insurance. I just want to know what this sounds like to anyone with experience with tumors.. Thank u!
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You may be having some mini-stroke activity (though they should check for brain tumor and think about migraines as well with those symptoms)- this is something you should be very concerned about and not wait around because you have no insurance.  Call a triage nurse and find out where they think you should be seen.  

While you're at the medical facility, you or a loved one talk with them about applying for medical financial aid, making a payment plan, etc., but don't let not having insurance stop you from getting critical care you need TODAY.  If you are having some TIA (min-stroke) type activity, getting treatment to try to prevent a full-blown stroke needs to begin TODAY!  
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Sorry I was away for the holiday. I hope that you got some medical attention.

Few tumors are genetic - that is just because a parent has one that a child will and you would have to know the nature and type of your mom's tumor. Migraines can also be on one side and intense - causing a wide range of side effects but not, to my layman's knowledge, what you are having. As LIH says, you usually can apply for help and get the assistance that you need.

Tumor symptoms can vary - so you really have to see a doctor! Please let us know how it turns out.
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Not your run of the mill migraine, no.  But I sat in a migraine clinic with someone who got temporary blindness from them & have seen a number of people posting online that talk about parasthesia symptoms with their migraine.  

I just looked up and found difficult/slurred speech, numbness, tingling, prickling, dizziness, double vision, blurriness, visual disturbances, and temporary blindness can be symptoms of basilar migraine.  Another site says one in six have difficulties with speech, where they site Joel Paulino's book, "the headache Sourcebook".

I am concerned about mini-strokes though with this young woman & I think it needs to be checked out to see if she is having them right away if she hasn't yet.  I hope they have already by now checked her carotid arteries and done a brain scan, etc..  

  I have three people in my family with/who had one of those few tumor types that is genetic.  My parent didn't know with their first migraine, when a scan was ordered, what type of tumor their dad had & their aunt's hadn't been discovered yet.  It's definitely something important to bring up to the doctor if you don't know the type your parent had is not a genetic type.
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Given your family history, I would get checked out. I do know that meningiomas can be genetic. NOT saying that is what your mom had, or that you may have. However, if your family has a history of them, the ones with a genetic link are also more likely to occur in multiples (you said mom had 2, right?)

Both of the previous posters give good advice and possible causes of your symptoms. I am not saying any of this to cause panic- I just do know that all of the neurosurgeons I consulted told me to tell my family members not to ignore any neurological symptoms because the type of brain tumor I have is known to be genetic in many cases.

Best of luck and let us know how things go. Your best way to get care may be to go to the ER the next time you have an episode. It may be migraines, seizures, symptoms of a tumor, stress, etc. But if you are there when you are experiencing symptoms, they probably will order the necessary tests and hopefully take you seriously.  
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Thank you for your advice. I will most definitely go get checked out! How ever, I just wanted to let you know, I dont get any migraines with any  of my symptoms. I will keep every one posted . Thank you.
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The pain on one side of the head you mentioned (unilateral) is what prompted me to think of migraines as a possible.  Please do keep us posted!
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had a pit tumor removed in 1971, they got on it right away. I just take meds to support what I can't produce. the doc should be taking X-rays to see what you have.My probelms were with the eyes, tumor pressing on the optic nerve. hope you can get help, it a rought time to get if you don't. never know what could be the problem,everyone is different.
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