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Cough 3 days after Transsphenoidal surgery

I had Transsphenoidal surgery for a GH secreting pituitary tumor. I have acromegaly..they removed 75% of tumor and the last 25% will be removed in a month via radiation. I am now staying at my mum's she developed a bad cold from being with me in hospital.I am now starting to cough and the pain is bone chilling. Please recommend what I should do.
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The constitutional remedy for upper respiratory infections, colds, flu etc
is  Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. (MgCl2-6H2O)
Mix 25 grams with 1 L distilled or spring water.
For serious acute conditions, the dose is 125 ml every 3-6 hours at first,
sipped slowly and then every 8-12 hours as symptoms improve.
No other form of Magnesium has the therapeutic power of Magnesium Chloride.
The taste is bitter, so feel free to mix some fruit juice in the solution.
If you experience some laxative effects, do not discontinue!
It's only temporary.
As an adjunct you may want to consider Magnesium Oil Transdermal treatments. Magnesium Oil = 1/2 magnesium chloride flakes + 1/2 water
Apply on body excluding sensitive areas, leave on for 20' and then rinse well.
Magnesium Chloride solution is a very good therapeutic remedy for a long list of diseases, but it will never become mainstream because it is inexpensive and cannot be patented since it is natural.
It may also have some anticancer properties.

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Call your surgeon asap so you can get on meds. Your coughing can open the surgical site.
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