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Decoding a Medical Report - Medical Therapy or Surgery ?


Not a doctor, not even close but basically I am trying to decode this report to figure out .

1. If it's a cancer.
2. If it's treatable
3. How life threatening it is
4. If an urgent surgery is required.
5. Is there a medial therapy available to treat this
6. Could it be caused by 2nd Handing Smoking

It's a report by a doctor. The patient also have breathing issues.
Area Exam: CT Brain, Orbit and Paranasal Sinuses (Plain)
45 years - Female.

CT Scan of the Brain, Orbit and Paranasal Sinuses was Performed without I/V contrast
Comparison was made with the previous examination two years ago.

Changes of turbinectomy and ethmoidectomies noted on left side. An aggressive soft tissue mass seen extending in the left nasal cavity from anterior ethmoidal air cells (agger nasi) to sphenold sinuses. Bone dehiscence noted around the mass involving the lamina papyracea and entire medial orbital wall upto apex from where it is protruding into the orbit buckling the medial rectus muscle and causing proptosis. Cribriform plate, paramedia floor of anterior cranial fossa and high posterior nasal septum also show areas of bone dehiscence. Both sphenoid sinuses are opacified with bone defects in their lateral walls. Left Frontal mucocele and circumferential mucosal thickening in left maxillary sinus noted.

Right osteomeatal complex in patent. Retention cyst/ polyp involving the lower half of right maxillary sinus. Right frontal and anterior ethmoidal air cells are aerated. Few of the right posterior ethmoidal cells show circumferential muscosal thickening and soft tissue mass extensions through nasal septum into right posterior cavity
also noted. Mild anterior deflections of nasal septum towards left. Post-nasal space is normal. Right orbit is normal as well.

An incidental note is made of left paramedian white matter hypodensity in frontal lobe.

Conclusion: ( by doctor)
1. Aggressive soft tissue mass in left nasal cavity with adjacent bone destruction. Interval increase in size of soft tissue and post-obstructive changes.
2. Left Paramedia whiter matter hypodensity in frontal lobe.
3. Histopathologic correlation and further evaluation wtih contrast enhanced MRI of brain/face are suggested.
Using Wikipedia and other sources I did however understand that its something to do with some kind of ballon like expansion behind the eyes that is growing and causing effects on other parts.

Thank you.
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I agree with above person..That is one hell of a result page. I have a lot of those for various reasons and none of mine are that impressive and I have "Chiari Malformation". I always research the big words I can not say first, bookmark the one that makes the most sense and keep going. I figured out my whole brain surgery process myself by doing that.  By the time I got to my surgeon I told him what was going to happen. He told me I shouldv'e went to medical school. Good luck..
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This forum is not the doctor moderated one, but have you shown this report to an ENT and/or neurologist and neurosurgeon?

This is how I would think about it if it was me.
There have changes within the past two years. Breathing is impaired. The doctor wants a further MRI which means that they want a better look at it. They used the word "aggressive".

I would get the MRI, a biopsy if possible if that is suggested to know what the mass is, and get it treated/removed as soon as possible.

There is no way to answer any of your question given the data you have as you do not know what it is yet - other than it is a mass - you do not know what the nature of the mass is.

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