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Do I have a Brain Tumor or something else

My GP says I have Anxiety based symtoms. over the past 3 months I have suffered dizziness/nausea/palpitations/shaking/sweating..
Now I don't get the papitation or shaking now, just the dizzy spell then Nausea that lasts for hrs, then I get headaches.
My GP and Drs have done a few blood tests/heart monitor and Echocardiagram, all came back NORMAL.
I ask my GP's to do a MRi scan just to rule out anything else but they said there is no need, but they have still not came up with a Diagnosis for me to say why having the dizzy spells.
Just a week ago my GP put me on Propranolol 10mg, I take 2x 3 times a day, but why is my GP putting me on this when I don't even panic, all I'm worried about is whats making me have the dizzy spells, but the Dr's say they don'y know.. They say they don't need to give me a scan because I don't show any symtoms of anything that needs a scan for. PLEASE HELP
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GAD (general anxiety disorder) can cause awful systemic problems in the body.  Have you only been going to your GP?  Ask for a referral to an ENT who can help with the dizzy spells.  A neurologist would even be better as they would more than likely order an MRI.  I'll bet it is nothing  but my husband who had a stroke 20 years ago started experiencing extreme dizziness and the doctor did not want to do an MRI for dizziness since "it may not be covered".  I said find some code with his history of stroke to cover the test.  Well, doc was quite surprised when MRI showed benign meningioma brain tumor.  Doctors should listen more to their patients and think beyond the $$$$.
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