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Having confusion and chills,had a CT scan done,can someone rule out the cause?

I was having confusion and strange feelings since yesterday morning,i don't sleep much maybe that's the issue,and when that happened I was awake whole night...Around 5:30 am I experianced strange feeling,as if my left brain wasn't working well,my hands and legs were feelinv light and like they are more flexible,sweat from palms and an chills in the spine...I went to my GP,around 7am and told him my case..he gave me few meds for anxiety,Vitamin b12 deficiency,indigestion..and told me take it for a day..today I went to the doc with little relief,like 30℅ relief out of 100...He asked to have an abdominal Ultrasound and A CT scan of brain...Abdominal ultrasound was normal and CT Scan as well as per the reports...But me personally can see some white spots in one of the side view image from the CT scan x-ray images,maybe thats Just air or Some another brain matter...but my worry is Tumors,can somebody just have a look and relive me of my worry? The white spot is small very small infact ... Also What can be the cause of my confusion and strange light hand and leg movements and solution? ...thanks
ALSO MY BP is normal,But i was having racing heartbeat of 120bpm yesterday morning(maybe cause I was scared as hell,thinking of cancer or heart failure)...now its 90 when I m writing this question...
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I M male and aged 19...no history of any serious brain/cardio diseases before,i was having movement tremors(essential) though from 2 years,my father and grandfather have it too so I think it's genetic
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I suggest you get a copy of the report. At 19 you should not (in my patient opinion so means little) have white matter spots) but they are benign... however the cause should be investigated since it can be anything from migraine, high blood pressure on up to MS. So less sever to pretty dang severe. So your pcp knows they are not malignant, but he may not know to find the source.

Get a referral to a neurologist and maybe more depends on what tests show. I would pursue getting records and figuring out why the spots showed up. One may not be bad,  if many... let us know.
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