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Microprolactima 5mm, benign. taking cabergoline

Why not just raise dopamine naturally via food, herbs, diet, etc., etc ?
Any other hormone levels we should be checking ? Check for diabetes ?
How to deal with mental, emotional, and cognitive impairments caused by the medication, the tumor and the hormonal imbalances ?
Should I take any of the following to prevent bone loss: Vitamin D ? Calcium ?
Any other ways to raise testosterone such as diet, exercise, herbs, stress reduction ?
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I wish oh how I wish there was a magic diet or herb to take care of the pituitary but... there is none.

Certain tumors do cause diabetes (not always) and you should be under the care of a doc to do thorough checks, hence my advice to find a neuro-endo.

As for vitamin D and calcium - if your tests show that you are low and your diet, sunshine exposure and all make it so that you need supplements... but really it is so much better to eat a healthy diet and get all your vitamins from that as recent studies are showing.

As for testosterone - there is dhea that can be taken OTC and that may or may not raise it as it can also convert to estrogen. Too much and you get greasy and acne...

Having been there/done that I found an outlet in talking and meeting other people like me so I felt less alone. Until the underlying condition is treated effectively, you can try things, but really a healthy diet and lifestyle and being super persistent about getting treated is most helpful.
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Thanks--totally agree and am looking for folks in the LA area to meet up with for support !
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