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Non Functioning Microadenoma?'s

Sorry for the long post in advance!!  I have tried many medicines as you will see below with little to no help out all.  My question is, can a non-functioning microadenoma cause symptoms?  Has anyone ever heard of opiates decreasing prolactin?  Can you tell me your opinion of the image I have posted?

The physician stated, "we believe this likely represents artifact.  There is asymmetry of the sella which creates the effect of possible microadenoma.  However microadenoma cannot be completely ruled out based on this imaging study.  The mild elevation of prolactin also suggests that this could be a microadenoma.  At this point we plan to do additional hormone testing including corticotropin, prolactin, and morning cortisol levels.  If these are all normal or near normal, the only followup would be a repeat MRI of the pituitary in about a year to ensure that this is not changing in appearance."

I have tried the medications below and the only thing that helps the racing heart and everything else is the opiates.  I have very many of the same symptoms as cushings and a pituitary tumor which started when I broke my nose almost 6 years ago.

Medicine's I've been on since 2003;

Anti-Depressants / Anti-Anxiety Medications (with little to no help...most of the time I didn't even realize I was taking anything.  Never had to wean myself off of any of it, I could just stop it and not know the difference:

1.  Paxil (25 mg, oncer per day, had a bad reaction)
2.  PaxilCR (25mg, once per day)
3.  Xaxax (1 mg, take one tablet daily)
4.  Zoloft (Various pill sizes, the most I was ever on was 250 MG)
5.  Risperdal (1 mg, take 1/2 to 1 tablet each day)
6.  Lexapro (20 mg, taken once a day)
7.  Clonazepan (1/2 to one tablet daily up to 3x daily)
8.  Wellbutrin (I believe I was taking like 150 mg once a day)
9.  Seroquel (Unsure, but I believe the largest dose I took was maybe 100.  Used these for sleep)
10.   Zyprexa (10 mg, take one tablet daily at bedtime)
11.  Buspirone (15 mg, take one tablet daily at bedtime)
12.  Clomipramine (50 mg to take 2 tablets at bedtime, sent to ER following morning, as I couldn't walk, talk or function).
13.  Lorazepam (2 mg, one tablet at bedtime, then take 1/2 to 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed)
14.  Cymbalta (got up to taking 60 mg 2x per day or 120 total)
15.  Ativan 0.5mg, up to three times per day)
16.  Invega (6 mg)
17.  Lamictal
18.  Alprazolam (0.5 mg up to four times per day).
19.  I was even told to try taking 10 to 20 mg of Ambien(Zolpidem) in the daytime to see if it helps by Dr.
       Phil McLain.
20.  Abilify (5 mg, once at bedtime).
21.  Prozac (40 mg 1x per day)

For Sleep:

1.  Ambien (up to 20 mg per night and was also told I could try taking some during the daytime).  I have even taken up to 10 of these trying to sleep.
2.  Mirtazipine substituted for Remeron (15 mg, one tablet per day at bedtime).
3.  Melatonin (3 mg, taking anywhere from 1 to 10 tablets to sleep)
4.  Lunesta (2 mg, take one tablet at bedtime)
5.  Chloral Hydrate (500MG/5ML, take 1 or 2 teaspoonfulls at bedtime, may repeat one time during the night).
6.  Amitryptiline HCL (50 mg or 1 tablet at bedtime).
7.  Trazadone (Took 300 mg at night for sleep and was up until at least 4:00 a.m. the next morning.
8.  Tylenol PM
9.  Simply Sleep
10.  Nortriptyline HCL (10 mg)
11.  Temazepam generic for Restoril (30 mg, 1 to 2 tablets at bedtime)
12.  Requip (started at 0.5 for 5 days and now take 1 mg per night)

Pain Medication:
1.  Hydrocone 5/500APP (taken up to 10 tablets daily)
2.  Hydrocone 7.5/500APP (taken up to 10 tablets per day)
3.  Morphine ER (Take 1 30 mg tablet 3x per day)
4.  Oxycodone 5/325 (take 1 every 4 to 6 hours as needed).
5.  Vicodin (can't remember the amount)
6.  Lyrica (did not work for me)
7.  Neurontin-Gabba Pentin (did nothing for me)-300mg, 2x daily
8.  Lortab (5 to 10 mg, 4 to 5 times daily)
9.  Oxycontin HCL (30MG up to 4 times per day)
10. Ibuprofun (800 MG up to 4 times per day as well as 2600 mg of tylenol per day and 500 mg of aleve)
11.  Tramadol
12.  Imitrex (pills and shots)
13.  Maxalt MLT (5 mg)
14.  Etodolac 400 MG
15. Percocet (30 mg tablets...up to 120)  Nothing works for pain except up to 180 mg of Percocet per day.
16.  Oxycodone HCL ER Tablet (20 mg up to 4 or 5 times per day).
17.  222's (Canadian over the counter pain pills.  Contains caffeine, codeine and acetametaphine).  I would take up to 12 of these per day.
18.  Aleve (5-6 per day)
19.  Advil (12 per day)
20.  Tylenol Extra Strength (up to 6 per day)
21.  Naproxen (sp) (up to 4 per day)
22.  Ibuprofen (Not sure, but was taking up to at least 12 per day).
23.  Excedrin Migraine (6 per day).

Other Medicines:
Prilosec (20 mg, daily)
Prevacid (20 mg...would take when I felt Prilosec wasn't doing enough)
Plutonix (40 mg, 1x daily)
Pepcid (not sure of mg, taken as needed for acid reflux)
Ru-Tuss (took one tablet daily, twice a day for 10 days)
Avelox (400 mg, once daily)
Claritin (taken everyonce and awhile when allergies were at there worst)
Amoxicillin (875 mg, two tablets daily I believe for 10 days.  I was on this 5 or 6 times in a year or less)
Oxycodone (5/325 mg, take one every 4 to 6 hours as needed)
Hydrocortisone (5 mg, up to 4 timer per day, 20 mg's after 17 days, while being on 5 mcg Cytomel)
Cytomel (5 mcg, 1-2 pills 3 times per day=30 mcg)
Prednisone (10 mg, take 3 tablets daily for 10 days)
Taurine (500 mg, taking 3 throughout the day)
Nasonex (10g, 2x per day, 2x in each nostril)
Flonase (50 mcg, not sure how many times per day)
Oxycodone (15 mg, 2 to 4 times daily)
Morphine ER (30 mg, 2 to 3 times per day)
Promethazine (25 mg)
Nexium (40 mg, once per day)
Cephalexin (500 mg, not sure how much per day)
Testosterone Injections (took twice, 1x every two weeks over a one month period)
B12 Injections (1 cc, 6 shots total from 07/13/2007 - 08/16/2007)
Pot Chloride generic for Potassium CHL (10 meq, take one daily for 10 days)
Hydrocodone (5/325 twice daily and sometimes up to 4 per day)
Vicodin (not sure what amount or how often taken)
Lortab (not sure what amount or how often taken)
Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Centrum, Vitamin D (did not take any regularly)
Depo Medrol Injection (I believe 80g, got this year on 06/23/2008.  Usually get this or Kenelog once or twice every summer).
Phenergan (20 mg, as needed for nausea)
Etodolac (not sure of mg amount, when or how often taken).
Soma (Not sure of mg amount, when or how often taken).
Valium (Not sure of mg amount, when or how often taken).
Questran (haven't started yet, but supposed to take 1 scoop daily for 1st week, 2 scoops daily after that).
Requip (1 mg at bedtime for restless legs).
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I have many symptoms I can post and problems, but I just wanted everyone to look at all the medicines and wonder if maybe they don't work, because a microadenoma is blocking A B receptors or possibly cushings.  I cannot sleep at night no matter what you give me.  I've taken 12 Ambien with no affect, chloral hydrate (which takes pregnant women out of contractions and puts them to sleep) at twice the normal dose and can still not sleep.  You name it, I've tried it.  Any ideas?  I'm always told it's a very "unique" case, but I'm tired of "unique", I need to get better.
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I had barely elevated prolactin. Doctors told me I could NOT have a prolactinoma. Pathology showed I had a prolactinoma.

I could not sleep well either, although not to the same extent as you, but did sleep studies that showed that I did not enter REM etc. I had  Cushing's disease too.

I had both, and I know of at least 2 others with the same pathology. You are not unique - your doctors just do not know you or will not acknowledge that you can have more than one problem. An MRI is not what you need - you need testing. More than what they say.

The pain is probably the cortisol going up and down - it hurts. It would also prevent you from sleeping.
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What kind of pain is it when the cortisol goes up and down? Is it joint pain?
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It is joints, muscles, all over - it hurts all over. I could not walk up or down stairs I was so weak and I was in so much pain, blankets hurt. They say it is akin to heroin withdrawal.
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i know exactly what ur talking about. i was put on amitriptline, sleeping pills, pain relievers etc only difference is i have petit mal and dizzy spells and headaches as well. Apart from normal systems from illness the tablets made me have nightmares and not think clearly, changed my personalitiy, my body ached joints and muscles cramped in sleep, legs went numb on and off and i ballooned up in weight from size 8 to size 24 and seeing a psychitrist because of panic attacks etc. i found coming off of  all tablets appart from my aniepileptic meds helped and  food matters as certain things can help such as  fresh fish, onion ,spinich and red and green peppers and i wouldnt advise anyone to do this as its not be scientifically proven and everybody's bodies are different but with me smoking weed (not solid or skunk) helpped with head pain, sleep, corrected my appeitite and i felt bit better. my epilepsy wasnt as bad and my sight wasnt blurry and no falling when get dizzy. this might sound wierd but it gave me more energy so i could get on with housework etc and i could think clearer cause i wasnt in as much pain and my muscles didnt cramp up as much.  when i wasnt smoking my prolactin levels were high and they did mri and it showed microendinoma but when they repeated bloods when i was smoking my prolactin levels were in normal range. i dont know if this helps but i know taking alot of tablets doesnt  always help. i'm not advocating smoking but i am saying that sometimes taking tablets isnt the best option. u might find ur major systems are due to side effects from the tablets.
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Some of the anti-depressants or that class of meds you are on cause elevated prolactin - so it may not have been the smoking.

As I said, my prolactin bounced, and I had the tumor as well as another one - was your MRI dynamic - were pictures taken while contrast was given?

Have you found another endo and weaned off some of those meds? They will interfere with the testing, sadly.
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