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Occasional morning headaches after Hydrocephalus shunt insertion

Vestibular Schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) was diagnosed by MRI following right ear gradual loss of hearing of a female relative, age 60. A radio surgery was performed on October 07. On June 08 imbalance symptoms progressed into “dragging of legs while walking” which led to another MRI, that revealed hydrocephalus. A VP shunt was inserted on the end of July 08. Recovery seemed OK. CT a day after the surgery and 10 days later were OK. Few weeks after the shunt insertion stomach pains, short, very strong, not in a specific place were experienced. Stomach X-ray didn’t reveal anything. Carbo Animalis pills and Colotal (MEBEVERINE HYDROCHLORIDE) relieved the pains; however didn’t stop them, though the frequency was lessen. In the last couple of weeks few occasions of sharp headaches occurred; only in that side of the head where the shunt was inserted. Mainly at wakening in the morning. Pain is over after 30min following taking Optalgin (DIPYRONE 500mg) and walking around. Body-Temperature is normal. Balance is fine. Walking is OK though limited (half a mile) and a bit tiring (no physical exercise was done for almost two months). The lady returned partially to household duties. Nevertheless “taking it easy”. Garden working that demands continuous lowering of the head (like removing weeds) is still impossible. Usual “job” (sitting in front of a computer, creating new text) is also possible, though not in the usual pace.
I am worried from over/under drainage that will lead to another surgery which terrifies me. The head nurse of the Neurosurgery department where the surgery was performed (the Neurosurgeon that operated is abroad. A checkup is due on the end of September 08)  calmed me by saying that as the headaches are  occasional and not permanent it is probably due to acclimatization period after the surgery that can take few months.
Any ideas? Suggestion? Comfort?

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A patient can die or, if has enough money for private consultation with the best expert in the world, before having an opinion of your experts.
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CT was conducted. The analysis by the expert (NOT a neurosurgeon!!!) is that everything is OK. The size of the Ventricles is normal and no signs for under/over drainage.
I'm still puzzled with the systematic "nightly"/ early morning wakes-up with sharp headaches only in the side where the shunt is inserted, that Optalgin, upright position and walking around solve … for the next 24h
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