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Pituitary Tumour or something else?

Hey guys,
Would love your opinion on this for some relief before my endocrinologist appointment!  It's gonna be at least another couple weeks before I get in and would seriously appreciate any insight anyone has!

I was/am suffering from bouts of extreme depression, anxiety, low libido, and fatigue. Got my bloodwork done and my testosterone was at the level of a 70 year olds, my iron/ferritin was right at the bottom end, and my cortisol was very high!

I have done multiple AM cortisol blood tests and always come in at the top of the range, and a 24 hour 4 point saliva test in which my numbers were also very high.  The graph was almost a straight line across the board (rather than the normal cortisol curve which starts high and progresses downwards).  Here's the most important piece - I did two 24 hour cortisol urine tests.  The first came in at 430 and the second came in at 540, with the range being 100-380.  I also missed a urine collection with each test, so each number would've been higher.

A cortisol level of 540 with a range of 100-380 seems quite unnatural to me, but I also believe that numbers with Cushing's are usually like 4 times the normal range, apparently.

Does this suggest a pituitary adenoma or something different?

Thank you very much!
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I should also mention I am a 22 year old male, 180 lbs, a semi-professional athlete, I eat extremely clean and work out daily, and have no previous health issues!
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If you doc is looking for numbers 4 times the range, find another doctor.

I had Cushing's myself and high is high... And your other tests are consistent with having the disorder...

You will have to find the source (pituitary adrenal or other) and then treat it by removing the source.  There are a few mess out but they can only be used by a certain set of people (men) or short term.  

I hope your doctor is decent.
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