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Pituitary microadenoma ?'s

I was told I possibly have a pituitary microadenoma based on my MRI results, but the doctor wants to do the wait and see approach.  The doctor said he was "100% sure this was not causing any symptoms."  What are the symptoms a non-secreting, non-functioning pituitary microadenoma may cause?
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   Depending on what area of the pituitary the tumor is affecting, you can have a whole host of hormonal symptoms, from loss of hormone signaling if it is non-secreting.

The most common symptoms are:

vision changes
loss of appetite
sudden weight changes

There can be many more, depending on which endocrine gland is being affected.
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The doctor told me everything looked fine, except my prolactin was slightly elevated at one point.  The doctors stated it could just be an artifact of the imaging or a pituitary microadenoma on the front lobe.  I have depression, anxiety, vision changes (especially at night), could go days without food, the worst headaches and fatigue imagineable, weakness, heart palps, diarhea, occasional nausea and I cannot tolerate the cold.

I was never even told a possible size, just that I need to have a follow-up MRI in a year.  I had all these symptoms for over five years........long before I knew the word "pituitary", but the doctors say it's anxiety and depression.
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    Well, your symptoms could certainly be from adrenal and thyroid hormone changes.
My son was diagnosed with a macroadenoma\cyst. They're not sure which. It's 12x15mm.
Anything under 1 centimeter is called a micro adenoma.

My son's is non-secreting. His hormone loss includes TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone),
GH (growth hormone), and ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). His prolactin is high for his age. He is on Levothyroxine and hydrocortisone, for thyroid and adrenal insufficiency,respectively.

He had all the symptoms, including occasional anxiety and depression. In my opinion, from all I have read, even a tiny adenoma can cause debilitating symptoms in some people.  I don't know why doctors insist a small tumor can't be causing symptoms such as heart palpitations and fatigue. People have such a variety of personal medical histories affecting their health symptoms.

I think your doctor is 100% wrong.  You don't feel "fine", even though your tests are!
Keep a daily record of all your symptoms, and the time of day they occur. Show it to your doctor. Ask for a trial of hydrocortisone (a low dose), and see if you feel any better, after your body adjusts to the drug.

You might ask about having imaging done directly on your adrenal glands, to rule out any adrenal lesions.
You may have to insist your doctor refer you to another endocrinologist, and have the adrenal stimulation test done.

Nutritionists can do adrenal function tests, and will prescribe adrenal support supplements if needed.  My son's nutritionist is one of his best "doctors". He would be a lot sicker than he is, if not for her help.

Good luck,

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Thanks for responding!!

I have tried Cytomel, Hydrocortisone and even Testosterone Injections with little to no help.  I went to the Mayo Clinic and they did every test possible and came back saying it was anxiety and depression and had nothing to do with the "possible microadenoma".

What strikes me funny is that all along I complained of my right side feeling the worst and it just so happens that's where they "possible microadenoma" was found.  All my TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tests came back normal but were all almost at the bottom of the range, which to me would suggest a pituitary/hypothalmic axis problem....hence the pituitary microadenoma.

I can't get a doctor to operate or anything and really do not know where to go from here.
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Sorry I forgot to ask you, but did your son have the macroadenoma\cyst removed?

Is it possible to have all the symptoms I have although the tests show the microadenoma is not secreting anything?  I have read somewhere that even non-secreting, non-functioning tumors can have a whole list of symptoms and cause many problems.

Thanks Again!
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No, my son's cyst has not been removed. Yes, it is possible to have all those symptoms with a non-secreting tumor. The symptoms come from hormone loss.
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