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Should i repeat brain tomography?

Hello. 10 years ago i've been diagnosed with panic disorder. I'm on sertraline for almost 10 years. 8 years ago i was examined with brain CT scan. It showed that everything is fine.

I did EEG three times, because of myoclonic jerks and muscle twitches. It always showed abnormal theta waves. The latest examination (after sleep deprivation) also showed abnormal theta waves, this time accompanied with paroxysmal activity. I was also given an urgent referral to the neurologist. I occasionally get some horrible convulsions, but i've never lost my consciousness.

Is there a point to do CT scan again? Is it possible that i developed brain tumor since last CT scan (8 years ago)? Or it could be epilepsy, maybe? I'm 26 years old now. I have not suffered from any brain trauma. Should i be scared? I am trying not to panic, but that "urgent referral" to the neurologist sounds really disturbing...
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I am only a patient, but if your doctor wants to do a CT, I would say it needs to be done if only to establish that there are no changes. Ct's show more than tumors and it can show atrophy, white matter changes etc. The new machines are very low in radiation so now that risk is much lower too. Is it a cost issue? I would go.
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It's not a cost issue. My doctor doesn't want to send me to MRI nor CT scan. She says that i don't need to do MRI, because CT didn't showed anyting abnormal, and that i am too young for serious disorders. I find this strange, because it was 8 years ago, and i assume that something could changed. Or maybe i'm wrong?
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Uh anything can happen at any age so I don't find the "age" reason valid... I hope he has another! Things can change, but she should be able to find a reason to either want more testing or feel you are stable. If you feel you are stable, fine. If not, there is always the option for a second opinion.
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