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Someone please give me advice on endocrine tumor child

My daughter went for her check up and I was told that she had to see a endocrinologist.  At the appointment they told me that it could be a brain tumor, but they thought it was just an accelerated growth rate. I have a very sick feeling in my stomach about it. I wanted my daughter to have the MRI, but they told me it was not a good thing for a child to get,really!! as opposed to a possible tumor!!??
I am hoping that someone can tell me their story, any signs and symptoms your child had and if you had any issues getting the MRI done.
Thank you so much.
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Did they say brain tumor or pituitary tumor. I am going through the same thing with my husband he just had his mri mon n I have been sick about it. They did tell him they thought his was a pituitary tumor witch is fixable 90 percent of the time. We heard tumor n brain together n freaked out n then I get the worst in my head.
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How old is your daughter? An faster growth rate is usually called acromegaly.

There is the magic foundation that is helpful for children and growth issues, both with too much and too little GH (growth hormone).

I am not sure why an MRI is not good for children - it does not have radiation. It can be a bit more scary as it is noisy and longer, and the tube is more closed in... but it is a magnet - there is nothing dangerous. I have had zillions of them with and without contrast. CT scans (which do have radiation and that would be of some perhaps concern) cannot pick up pituitary tumors for the most part unless it is huge - normally that is not the case.

Symptoms are dependent on the type of tumor. Fatigue is a huge factor - but it can vary with eye, muscle, healing and all sorts of weird and varying symptoms.
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