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Starting Depo Provera with dx of prolactinoma

I have a 7mm protrusion coming from my pituitary that in all clinical reality should be called a tumor. There is also a void in my pituitary that was left from "old tumor that out grew it's blood supply". I have been dealing with the railroad spike in the head headaches for years. They are now controlled with medication. I have been experiencing severe joint pain a week before my period and as soon as menstruation starts it is gone. Completely. Then when ovulation occurs I feel like I have morning sickness for 3 days. Vomiting and nauseaus all day.I have 3 different bra sizes due to the fact that I may be lactating or not. I can be a B, C or D cup depending on what is going crazy in my system.   This is only a few of the many symptoms I have. Fatigue, insomnia, hypoinsomnia, muscle weakness, right pupil dilation upon exertion and dizziness. I have had a thorough work up from a Pituitary specialist and neurologist appt is next. OB/GYN was today to monitor hormone production. He wants to put me on the Depo Provera injection to "level out the hormones". After doing research and contacting my Pituitary Dr. I am not sure about this route of treatment. Haven't heard back from my specialist but am now leary about what I have read. Did I mention I am 45 years old. Too old for more babies and too young to feel like **** every day of the year. Any thoughts or comments on this situation?
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I would say find another doctor and do not take the depo provovero. There are medications specifically for lactation (dostinex, parlodel) and you need to get on one of those.

As for your pituitary, you experienced a pituitary apoplexy and need to see an expert - a neuro-endo as well as a neuro -opthomologist. A gyne is not the doctor.

The depo will only muddy the waters. Please do not take it.

Get copies of everything - tests, MRIs, reports - everything - from now on. You have to learn what is going on.
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I have been to my Pit specialist and have another MRI in June of '10. Due to the fact that my prolactin levels are way up or normal he did not want to put me on the dostinex or parlodel at this time. I will be seeing a neuro-endo at the end of this month. I went to the GYN on recommendation of the specialist but after researching the Depo do not feel like this is the route to take either. I do have copies of everything, problem being getting a doctor to actually look at the records before I see them or even when they are in the room. Had one neuro give me a drug he could not tell me what it was just to take it for a month and come back to see him after taking for a month. Idiot! I went to my PCP and they said the drug was a very strong stimulant and not to take it. $30 lesson not to go back to anyone local. I will be traveling to see the neuro-endo. Thanks for the confirmation on the Depo. That stuff scares me!
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I took it - it made me far worse...  It is just not the way to solve a pit problem and takes forever to get out of the system.
Great that you are getting copies - it helps.
Let us know what the other doctor says.
BTW, my prolactin was low abnormal and normal, but I had one - but I was told that it was not possible. Hah.
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Yeah, I have been on the war path with some of these local doctor's. I learned my lesson on trying to stay local. We were just going to try to find someone "educated enough" if you will to cut down on the travel. It's crazy how the levels go up, up, up and then plummet to normal. I do fairly well but the headaches and joint pain really disrupt my life. I have 3 children, the youngest is 5. I don't have time to feel bad when I am supposed to be super mom. I am also curious as to what my pit specialist will say about the Depo. He should be careful because I have done enough research now to totally agree with you. My waters are muddy enough. If he agrees with the GYN I'll be searching for another pit dr. I am taking control of my care. This is a great web site, my friend, who has had Cushing for 5 years now, suggested I try this site. Glad I did. Thanks for the replies. Have a great day. T.
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