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Think i might have a BRAIN TUMOR - Need advice...

So for the past 18 years (im 32 now) I have been struggling with - growing mental anxiety - and what feels like a growing stress of hanging onto my sanity - i have covered it with mainly Alcohol throughout the years.
Recently I had an anxiety attack, and went to drive to the neighborhood park to listen to music to calm myself down (as not to bother my roomates) and i ended up going "koo-koo" / halucinating/partial black out. and i crashed into 1 neighbors car and another neighbors house/gasrage before the police came - it was a deep hallucination - i remember screaming for the cops to shoot me and being very violent. i went to jail and remember just laying there staring at the ceiling halucinating / seeing things on the ceiling...

now this is not the first time ive went "koo-koo" throughout the years - but this is definitely the most damage i have ever caused. and now that Im actually thinking about it because im forced too - i realised that i always go "koo-koo" after getting overly worked up/stressed.

My friend asked around and everyone seems to think that its either a blood clot or a brain tumor ... and personally i dont feel that its a blood clot because im always feeling like im barely hanging onto life. and its important to mention that My Fathers Mother (grandmother) actually ended up dying from a Brain Tumor (one day she fell down and knocked it loose- causing it to put pressure on her brain - making her barely coherent).

I have only been in tulsa oklahoma going on 12 months and i do not have any medical - or even when i was back home - never saw a doctor about this - but my mother did encourage me to go to the Mental-Health-Facility - or she would call the police to take me. So there are a few documented records of me "not acting right" but thats not exactly an average doctor chart/visit.

all in all - i have no clue what too do. i have no clue who to call, and no clue what steps to take to get this looked into.
and im worried about stressing out too much because i already feel myself getting light headed typing this out.
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Your primary care doctor is a good start. They can do the basic tests and then refer you to a neurologist.
So get a doctor and get checked out. ASAP.
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