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Why do I feel like my brain is boiling?

I'm a 26 year old female. For the last few months (5-6) I've been getting migraines everyday. Normally I wouldnt be that freaked out except that these are intensifying and lasting longer and longer. The one I currently have has lasted for the last month and a half, only lessening in intensity a few hours a day then returning with full force. The intensity only dies down,the migraine never really goes away. And the other symptoms I've been having are worsening and happening more frequently as well.

The most common new symptom I'm experiencing is feeling like my brain is literally boiling inside my skull. Other symptoms include:

·Impaired vision
·Feeling like speech (mine and that of others) doesn't make sense (garbled or continuously hearing things incorrectly)
·Severe nausea and vomiting
·Extreme dizzyness
·Constant fatigue
·Feeling physically weaker than normal
·Uncontrolled jerking movements while awake and asleep that have woken me up and scare the crud out of me
·Intensifying migraines that wake me up
·Feeling like I'm going to pass out
·Change in eating habbits and tastes in food
·Spacing out or feeling unaware of what's going on around me
·Complete limb numbness (feels like an arm or leg aren't there and if I don't actively look at it I honestly can't feel it...at all)
·Feeling like my brain is boiling
·Pain and stiffness in my neck lacalized to the upper back portion (brain stem area)

I have no history of mental illness, seizures, tumors, injuries, or infections. But all of these things are happening to me on such a regular basis now that I'm starting to get freaked out. I have no issurance yet as my work insurance won't start for another 60 days so I can't go to a doctor until then. I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on these things that are happening to me, or if anyone has any advice they can give me.
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Many of your symptoms resemble adult meningitis. Please visit your doctor ASAP.
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