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brain tumor

had a tumor re moved 5 years and i still have really bad headaches every day, could you tell me why
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hi shais, sorry i cant be no help with your question . i had a crainotomy 2yrs ago and i still have very bad daily headaches. i have asked my surgon and any doctor i go to. where does your head hurt? mine is allways on left side and behind my eye, eyes water. does your temples swell,head get so sore hurts to touch?  hope it helps to know your not alone. i allways worried the tumor was comming back.
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I had surgery to remove an AVM (Arteriovenius Malformation) in January of 07 because it had hemmoraged several times and I to had headaches before and still have them now. I have also had mine every single day since November 10, 2006. I have tried every kind of medicine possible and nothing has stopped them from causing so much pain every single day. I just want you to know that you are not alone with suffering from headaches, daily. I just pray that someone can find us some kind of relief. And if I find something that works for me I will be sure to let you know about. Also where are you from? I'm from southern Indiana and I drive to Chicago to the Diamond Headache Clinic once a month to see dr. Merle Diamond and they try so hard to help. I would recommend going there if your close enough. Also I was admitted into the hospital up there once and they had me on a IV treatment of Dihydroergadomine I'm not really sure if tha tis how you spell it but I got a lot of relief from that. But it is SOOOO HARD ON YOUR BODY!!!! But it is something that worked a little for me if you want to talk to your doctor about it. i hope I have helped you some.......
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It could possibly be the medication you are taking(...or taking it too long and need to switch ( Im sure you tried already) alot of narcotic and  barbituates can make you feel dizzy and give you headaches. So this is what I have to look forward to? I just had my surgery 4 mos ago and still get severe headaches.I am taking "Butalbital" so I'll let you know how that goes......
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yeah I was on butalbital....didnt work for me at all....but of course nothing has. Some people just have headaches and get into a cycle where they have them everyday. And we just have to wait for them to work their course and hope we get relief soon. And try to find some meds that help in the mean time. I have even tried not taking any kind of pain meds....ie right now. And several times before for weeks at a time. I haven't noticed any difference so looks like my doctor were right and that I might have headaches due to my AVM and it being removed.
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What kind of brain tumor?? I have an acoustic neuroma....in wait and watch mode til it grows then surgery
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sorry it took so long to reply.i had a pituitary tumor.i was in wait and watch mode for about 2yrs. i had a crainotomy in 06 , the tumor is gone now i go once a year for mri to watch and see if it comes back. take care ,brainpain
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