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can untreated cuchings cause tracheal collapse

i have had very strong cushings disease for at least two years, they have ignored me and wouldnt test me for anything said i was having anxiety - its gotten to the point that my leg and arm muscles are basically gone and my bones are brittle and it has affected my vision my periferal vision is gone in my right eye and my throat is out of wack, my epiglootis has come up out of my throat and its very hard to breathe i feel like my trachea is collapsing - i read that it happens in dogs with cushings but couldnt find anything about people, i was just diagnosed pituitary cushings and am worried my throat muscles are gone..if anyone knows anything about this please advise or give me a link something, thanks
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Have you been to a neuro-opthomologist?

I know it is hard - it took me 12 years and now I am disabled for waiting too long to get diagnosed.

Get surgery as soon as you can - the very best surgeon you can find, one experienced in the soft gooey cushie tumors so you can get the best outcome. Make sure he has done 50+ a year, 500+ lifetime and ask lots of questions. Until you get the surgery, you cannot get better so get it as soon as you can.
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have you ever had heart arrythmia problems ? missed beats pvcs pacs etc, from cushing? now its gotten so bad i am having a lot of missed beats....
how have you survived ?, im afraid im gonna die before they get it out they are so slow and this is agony !!
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I had an irregular heart beat. I don't remember the exact type.
With no adrenals, now I get pvcs and couplets.
Cortisol interferes with a lot of things and can cause heart issues.
But it can be other issues - have you seen a cardiologist?
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