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i think i have a brain tumor, help! :'(

Ever since I could remember I've always had headaches. I think they started in grade 4, I am now in grade12. These headaches were everyday, and constant. I think that this tumor thing is more on the right side of my head. I feel a bump right on the top of my head. I have noticed that everyone has one but mine feels bigger. Ever since the end of November I started having these dizzy spells. Which usually happens all throughout the day. I also feel nausaus and tired sometimes. One night back in November, I felt so dizzy that I couldn't sleep. There was a throbing pain right where that bump is that would sometimes feel like it would go all over the right side of my head. Ever since that night, I've had dizzy spells everyday, just not as bad. My right eyelid also twitches a couple times throughout the day, also there is sometimes a tingly feeling down my right arm, and right leg. Sometimes I feel this feeling down the right side of my neck. Whenever I swallow I hear a click sound from my right ear. I also have a pain on my cheek and jaw only on the right side once again.
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Have you seen a doctor, had any testing, any imaging? If not, please go see a doctor and let us know what he/she says.
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I haven't seen a doctor, I'm too scared :(
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if you have a tumor, it's most liekly not going away, and its better to know about it now, and try to get treatment, then to wait until the tumor is untreatable(which is when u should be really scared)...also a lot of people with pituitary tumors, have to fight to get proper treatment, an its better if you fight now, since the process takes  along time...on the plsu side if you're scared it may be comforting to hear ;;your tumor is not causing your symptoms''

whether its true or not.
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Odds are completely against you having a tumor. Headaches happen in a lot of people that do not have headaches so you are suffering needlessly. Since you had pain on one side of your head, that is classic for migraine - and that is the most likely explanation. I would go see a doctor for  your migraines. But you need to see a doctor.
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not every headache means there is tumor , so do not be afraid ...

do you had previous head truma ?

I think u should consult a doctor ...

do not be late dear ...
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