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meningioma brain tumor 2 cm

I was just told in the hospital yesterday that I had a meningioma brain tumor 2 cm and not to worry.  One neurologist there said it was several calcium deposits and may grow.  The other doctor told me it was a brain tumor.  What's the difference and how serious is this?  Should I be worried?  They said it's not cancerous and is not that kind of tumor where it would be cancerous or anything.  Help!
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Most meningiomas are benign.  Hopefully you were told to "wait and watch" and followup with another MRI in at least six months.  Two cm is less than an inch and unless causing symptoms can be watched.  There are many other ways besides surgery to treat meningiomas - Cyberknife radiation (which does not use a knife), gamma knife, Novalis, IMRT.  There is a website that is very helpful to patients with meningiomas called meningiomamamas.  Give that a try and good luck
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cavernus hermangioma on left side not sure in or on cerebral cortex,waiting for sx or gamma,any one go through this or have gone through it
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A cavernus hermangioma is formed of blood vessels. That has to be evaluated for bleeding, which is the biggest risk.

They need to decide how to treat (or watch) so that the bleeding risk is minimized. They do not know the exact location?

I don't know anyone who has gone through it here, but maybe someone is lurking.
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Calcium deposits would be different from a benign tumor on the meninges, or lining of the brain, a tumor which is known as a meningioma.  Meningiomas are slow growing.  A close relative of mine had gamma knife but it was almost too late when she got it after they watched it awhile, because I believe they don't like to gamma knife it if it is any larger than three centimeters and hers was almost too large and was also extremely close to the optic nerve.  

She did not want open surgery.  She said it was gamma knife or nothing.  She had it back in Feb. 2002 and at last check it still was not growing (at first it was shrinking, now staying same size).  I am thankful for the Gamma Knife.  One of the surgeons was a pioneer of Gamma Knife at Good Samaritan Hospital in CA.  They have gamma knife in different states too.  Meningiomas can, if they get too large, start to push in on the brain.  If it had done so with my relative, they said hers was over the part that would have affected her personality.  Her father had a brain tumor, likely the same kind, only back in those days, they discovered it way too late and a doctor had previously thought it was a psychological problem.  I'm thankful for today's brain scan capabilities where they can discover things like brain tumors early!

  Gamma knife is known as a "bloodless" surgery.  They screw a helmet on your head and the gamma rays are used based on, in my relative's case, a double dye MRI they used for mapping.  The rays reportedly pass harmlessly through other tissue in lesser concentration as they get to the tumor, where the rays are highly concentrated.  The gamma rays are supposed to kill the DNA of the tumor, arresting any further growth.  
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