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ringing dizziness eye pain, sensitivity. pineal cyst to blame?

According to doctors I've seen, no. They have nothing to do with my headaches. I'd be happy to share all the many ways my headaches have been treated but that would go back 15yrs and would make my head hurt wise. I'm going to post changes from 2009 and 2014. Its all of this all in my head or Is all of this in my head?
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Have you been to a neuro-opthomalogist? That type of eye MD does more testing than a normal eye MD so I suggest you find one.

I cannot really see the pic well, but I cannot see why the lesion could not contribute given that I know pit tumors which are also tiny, also do cause headaches. It is the location.

Have you had hormone testing? Melanin?
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Thanks for the reply. I haven't had my hormones tested or Neuro ophthalmologist. Though I'm going to schedule now.

The most recent MRI didn't show pit involvement nor did the CT. CT in 09 showed 11mm pineal cyst with no cranial involvement . In 14, 17mm cyst mild effacement and subtle narrowing.

I'm frustrated that they did the MRI to find something and did but "that's not causing your headaches"
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It is growing, so they should do something.

Most people that post with pineal issues are like you - very frustrated. Most docs find them small and inconsequential.

Look up papers on pineal cysts. Find a doc that wrote the papers, and contact them and see if they will help you or refer you to another doctor.

The doc you are seeing now is not skilled in your cyst.
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Getting nervous. I see the neurosurgeon Dr Patel in Charleston at MUSC next Tuesday. IF surgery is an option, what am i facing? Anyone post surgery?
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