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scared and frustrated

I'm a 35year old woman. Week ago started having difficulty talking, a lot of stuttering, can't remember simple words for items sometimes. Dizziness off and on, persistent migraine, balance off and boyfriend says sometimes walk as if drunk. Went to the ER, had ct scan, mri with and without contrast dye. Everything came back normal. ?? Every day that passes my speech and handwriting becomes worse!  Don't even want to leave the house cuz never realized how much we rely on talking, and the looks I get now. Very frustrating to not get any answers! And will this be permanent, etc. Always been very healthy, rarely sick and not obese or underweight. No head trauma, just woke up stuttering/ slurring. Very scary! This is my brain!
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Please see a doctor.  The ER is wonderful for some things but they can't diagnose you well.

Please see your regular doctor for a referral and have them get you the tests or a quick referral.  You sound like you need to see a neuro but you have to see a good doc for a thorough history and more testing.
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Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. Seeing a neuro does sound like a good idea though.
It's so weird. Your symptoms almost sound exactly like mine. The dizziness, slurred speech, off balance, even our age (I'm 31). The only difference is half my face went numb a few times and I'm always tired. Doc referred me for a ct scan. Still waiting on results...
It ***** big time. Staggering around for no reason at any time of day. Hopefully we can get some answers.
Keep us posted on anything you find out. Take care.
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Shelly & Frustrated,
Please let us know how you are doing, what have the neurolgists said about your symptoms?
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