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Very high blood pressure for boyfriend with brain cancer


My boyfriend was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme last Feb and has been seeking treatment ever since. He has been dealing with high blood pressure since his diagnosis (and has been on meds to control it) but over the last week it has spiked to over 200/100. We went to the ER on Tuesday, where it started to come down but it has spiked back up again. He has just checked back into the ER (I am not with him at this time, he is out of state). He recently stopped taking Avastin and irinotecin last week. I am just curious if this is normal after stopping these drugs or if this could mean the tumor is increasing. I will be waiting to hear from the ER doctors but I want as many opinions as possible. Is this also common anomaly to happen with brain cancer? Any info that can be offered will be helpful.

Thank you!
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Dear Anotheca,

How is he doing at this point. Brain tumors can be associated with high blood pressure, particularly when it is causing mass effect. On the other hand, high blood pressure can be idiopathic and not related to any of the intracranial findings. Please discuss this situation with his doctors.

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I went thru many tests to find i had a problem with my Pituitary gland. 24 hour urine free cortisol, Midnight saliva cortisol, early morning serum cortisol x 3 lots of these tests, dexamethazone suppression test x 2, and then finally an Inferior petrosal Sinus sample ( this test is invasive) and this test showed i had a problem with the left side of my pituitary gland, high ACTH, cortisol, prolactin levels.

Yes speak to your Neuro friend :)
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Thank you for your response. How did you find out about your pituitary condition? Is there a test?

We are currently bouncing between doctors. He has an Neuro-oncologist in Atlanta but he hasn't been much help. He has an appointment with a new NO soon. I have been trying to get him into a neurologist for awhile but my boyfriend is out of state and he hasn't gone to one (consistently). I do have a neuro friend I can call though, so I may do that.  
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I didnt have brain cancer, but i had a problem with my pituitary gland and the hormones it produces.
My Blood pressure was averaging 235/125 for about 2 yrs and i was on 3 types of medications.

I went to the ER and they were not concerned.
Honestly i wouldnt be waiting for ER doctors to answer questions. Doesnt he have a Neurologist looking after him. I would be seeing the Neurologist if his symptoms are increasing !

My neurologist had me in surgery so fast. Now my Blood pressure is averaging 120/70

I hope thats helpful for you :)
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