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Could it be a brain tumor


Im really worried about this.

All this Summer I have been sick. Started with the flu, then had a kidney infection and a lung infection. Now I have another kidney infection.

I know have a bump on the inside of my left nostril and my eye also feels weird. The left side of my body also feels weak, cant really describe it.

Im also having trouble sleeping, dont seem to be tired when its bedtime, and if I do end up going to sleep its only for 3-6 hours then I cant go back to sleep.

I am really worried, Im hoping to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow, but he only sits three days a week, and may have to wait till Thursday.

Any help would be great
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Dear Friend,
Well i will not suspect any sort of tumor / cancer activities going inside your body.
It's good that you have already booked up for a good GP's opinion.
Hence we would need to wait for the results.
I suspect some sort of restlessness going inside the mind / brain which is reflecting in your  body as various signs / symptoms.
Lets wait for all the blood tests, especially hemoglobin, which may be another cause of the weakness.
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