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Head Pressure

Hi My Name is Mike i am 28 years old 7 Years Ago  i was put on benzodiazepines Now For 5 Months I Am  getting headaches pressure in the head, confused, blurry vision cloudy vision double vision i feel it severe pressure i went to get 3 mri's negative i went to 5 doctors neurologist neurosurgeons they cant do anything because the MRI Was Normal But I Feel Something There Like a Growth Pushing Down In My Brain My Moods have changed, cognitive changes behavior changes. no nausea or vomiting i feel the lumps the frontal lobe i went to the er they gave me tylenol 2 and said sleep on it.  I Don't Know What To Do Anymore... What Other Test Is There. I Am Very Sensitive To Lights...  I Stumble Weakness In The Arms And Legs. Disoriented Like Crazy...

I Am So Scared Getting a Seizure... Never Had One... I Want My Life Back

Thank You Mike
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Dear Friend,
By the way you have described your symptoms and co-relating the time and the drug , you are on, i am sure that you are having side-effects related to Benzo-diazepine.
Please have a re-visit with another neurologist / or the present one and discuss with this about this angle of the problem.
We will discuss further, once your treating doctor rules out this issue.
Please make the appointment soon.
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