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brain tumor?/scarring?

I posted this earlier on the open forum and while i got some helpful insight i was told it might be helpful to ask an expert. My friend  who is now 26 has been suffering from headaches and pains for a couple monthes now but nothing serious. Starting maybe 3 or 4 days ago they got really bad and she went to a doctor(who is not that great of what I might add) and the doctor told her she may have a tumor or something malignant growing somewhere in her head. up until she was two years old, her and her mother were beaten by her father, and as a consequence her mother has had health problems in her head as well. Presumably cancer although my friend won't give me details. She is convinced that she now is suffering from the same thing as her mother as a consequence of what happend to her when she was a child. She complains of very bad headaches, mood swings and she said today she felt a little off balance. She is terrified as am I as to what it might be. I did a little independent research and could find nothing about trauma induced cancers although I was told by someone in the open forum that it could cause scar tissue but it would not develop into cancer. Please give me some insight into what exactly is going on here? In your opinion what could it be? And what could be done to treat it? Your insight is greatly appreciated.
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Dear Jay,
How are the things presently.
We can have many theories in the medical science. But the best way to know about a problem is via doing an investigation and finding out the details.
Get a MRI scan done, for the head and brain and then we can be dead sure as with which disease we are dealing with.
My diagnosis dependency is on the Scaning result as via this way only we can know the real disease.
As far as my gut feeling, i am suspecting only Migraine.

Feel feel to discuss more.
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