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brain tumor?

For the past 4 or 5 years I've experienced unexplained dizziness. Accordingly, I've seen a neurologist several times and have had 2 open MRIs (most recent being April of '09), both clear of defects. Recently I've seen an ENT, had my sinuses probed and had audiological tests done. Everything was normal and I was told I could be suffering from migraine. Also, I've had visual disturbances (bright spots, shadows in peripheral vision, many floaters), for which I've seen an ophthamologist who found nothing wrong with my eyes and said I could be having ophthalmic migraines. Almost 4 weeks ago I've started suffering from a gnawing pain about an inch behind my right ear. The pain radiates across the back of my head and down my neck. It starts somewhere around 3am and lasts through the afternoon. Sometime in the evenings I start to feel better, but then it starts all over again. I've also been nauseous and had no appetite, but I can't tell if this is due to anxiety. Yesterday I went back to the ENT with these complaints and again was told that my ears, throat, and sinuses all look normal and that I should see a neurologist, which I'm trying to schedule for as soon as possible but they all seem pretty booked through next week.

My question is this: I'm no dummy. I've done extensive internet searches and they all point to the fact that I may have a brain tumor. I will see a neurologist when I can find one that will take me, and I have no doubt that I will be getting another MRI. The likelihood of all this, however, terrifies me and in combination with the pain I'm constantly experiencing, I can't help but feel I should go to the ER. So, should I wait for a neurologist and the subsequent MRI, or should I go to the ER? Do you think I could be right about the brain tumor? And if so, if it didn't show up in April of '09, might that mean I have an aggressive form of brain cancer? I just had a baby and the thought of leaving her breaks me.

Any calming advice would be helpful
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Dear Friend,
Apologies for late reply.
Well, please don't do too much search on the internet.
Any tumor or any disease may have too many co-relating signs/symptoms, which adds up to confusion.
Hence would request you to -
1) Either trust your treating doctor, OR
2) Go for a MRI scan by yourself, via self request / ER's opinion.

Why it's too important , because you are ending up in self analyzing and this can add up the stress levels inside your mind, causing additinal symptoms, which you will co-relate to some specific disease diagnosis.
I hope you understood my concenr of reciprocal thinking.
Please discuss, if you need further opinion / clarifications.

I really don't think that you have a BAD disease / diagnosis (like cancer / tumor) as they are associated with weight loss / appetite loss, etc.
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