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could symptoms be brain tumour even though MRI said no 3 years ago?

M, 42. 3 yrs ago, I started having numbness in my left arm and hand that would wake me up in the middle of the night. My first thought was a heart problem, the Dr said no. In 3 years, these episodes come and go. In 2008, I had an MRI on my head and neck and no problems were found. The doctor thought it might be something to do with a nerve in my neck, but a series of x rays etc have found nothing. In Sep this year, the episodes became more frequent and more severe - both arms and hands crippled when waking up in the middle of the night, taking several seconds to shake them back into life. I felt  pains in the sides of my chest, palpatations. During the day, my shoulder blades and arms ache. More heart tests - but nothing found. 3 weeks ago, I started having headaches. These are all over my head, sometimes on the top, sometimes at the back, the sides. I also have sharp pains in the right side of my head during the day, that last a second or so. And I keep waking up with one or both arms numb and now leg cramps. 2 nights ago, I awoke at 3am with a terrible headache, it felt the whole front of my face was throbbing. I took a tablet to calm it down, but I had a headache at the base of my skull all day. This morning I couldn't sleep, every time I lie down the headache gets worse, also a twitching sensation in my right leg and arm, not like a fit, just one twitch each time I feel myself dozing off, to wake me up. And my whole body throbs. Also have pain behind my eyes, particularly my right eye, and 'floating shapes' when I look at a white screen or wall. The Doctor says I need an eye test, I may need new glasses, as I use PCs and screens for work 10 hours a day. Doctors say 'no brain tumour', But everything I read online suggests brain tumour. This week I have started feeling nauseous. My problem is if I had mild forms of this arm paralysis 3 years ago, and an MRI showed no tumour, could the worsening and further symptoms, mean that there was something that they missed?
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Dear Friend,
Till now the reports are just fine. I hope that the MRI scan, which you are mentioning, does include the scan for the brachial plexus. If not, then do get this most important scan done.
Also you need to get a Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) done for the upper extremities, in order to know, whether there is any nerve involvement or not.
If all these reports still are normal, then we need to re-***** the whole episode with your life-style environment, which presently i don' want to comment upon as we are missing few basic scans / investigation reports.
Please discuss further, once you get these reports sought out.
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