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Treatment of Hippocampus Injury


Perhaps I should have posted this question in the Mental Health forum . . . about three years ago I suffered an injury to my hippocampus due to hypoxia. Now, as is common with anoxia survivors, I am experiencing significant short-term memory loss, perception problems in situations of heavy sensory input, and heavy difficulty remembering dreams.

I was a software developer, however now these symptoms are preventing me from being able to perform my professional duties. My job was the entirety of my life, and the prospect of spending the rest of my life on disability or becoming, say, a lumberjack is entirely unacceptable.

I am posting this to your forum to ask if there is anyone in the medical world today who treats hippocampus injuries. I live in California and can easily drive to the bay area if there is a medical center there where such therapies exist. I am also willing to commute to the Los Angeles area if necessary, or, truth be told, I would arrange for travel anywhere if necessary. I'll do anything.

Thank you very much,

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Dear Friend,
I m so sorry to hear about the injury, but i must say that you are a brave person and are dealing with this issue very nicely. Hippocampus injury can't be rectified, ie no one can make it go back to a stage, where it was , before the injury. Hence we can work on the rehabilitation part and slow down the further consequences, of the same. I would suggest you to visit a yoga center or other centers which deal with aesthetic rehabilitation, etc rather than going for some other form of treatment. Human brain is a very strong organ and it's proper exercise can help in decreasing the degeneration rates, of the issues. Hence think in that way and plan accordingly. I would be unable to mention you the specific centers names, which are in your vicinity as i am in some other country, but i hope that you can search these centers on the internet, easily.
Also would request you to have a good diet, keep the worries away, avoid alcohol or smoking, avoid high fat diet, etc to keep the brain in a better and healthier shape.
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