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are these symptoms or me being "just emotional"

I have been on a medical roller coaster this past year,I have lost over 45 pounds in a short amount of time,my eyes become red and the left eye is bulging out almost one centimeter more than the other eye,I had a T.I.A in march last year, I have a complete occlusion to my left artery.I have uncontroled b.p and I'm on 100mg of toprol xl my new doc  felt that I was being emotional because I wanted a 2nd opinon, my other symptoms are feeling bone chilling cold, dizzy,having itching that felt like electical shocks,numbness into my hands,and the right side of my face.I was tested for Graves twice,( I got my second opinon) but each were neg. since then I have had more weight loss, a paleness to my skin, anxitey and can't  getting any sleep,but then falling asleep while driving,or during a meeting,while face to face with a client.feeling so weak I have to sit down while shopping!!! I used to do step classes ! but with in the last six weeks things have gotten even worse.It takes me forever to get thoughts out of my head,I repeat words sometimes,I cry for no reason,in the middle of walmart!!!ect,numbness into my toes,tremors into my hands and body,I had a migraine for the first time in years three weeks ago since then my neck has been SO stiff the searing pain starts behind my right ear up behind my eye socket and into the middle of my forehead.on my birthday two weeks ago I was nausea all night by the morning my mom called to sign me happy birthday I turn over and hurled into my hand what shocked me was the blood that was gushing from my nose!! I had never had one before,I went to the hosp. but they didnt do anything for me.I followed up with my nerologist she is doing a M.R.I and M.R.A are there anyother tests I should be aware of or ask about since the nose bleed the right side of my face is really droppy and feels dead,I'm having trouble seeing it's shadowy and blurry,am I just being "emotional" or is something going on, is this a tumor?thanks for your input, Puddles66
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It sounds like you have gone through a great deal of disconcerting events.  Usually, MRI and MRA are good first steps in working up your condition.
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Thank you for the quick response !! I could use a few more doctor's like you around here !!!! It seems that my vision is getting worse in the mornings.but I needed your option. would you try to get in sooner than july 15th for the m.r.i and the m.r.a ? Or should I just relax and enjoy designing all my weddings this month, how urgent should I make this on my list , and should I do any heavy lifting ? thanks again for any input!!! puddles66 ; > }]                        
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