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Bleeding nipple led to MRI led to 3 masses found... :(

I have dense breasts (matches my head), and have had issues with my left one. I have history of lactation with pituitary tumor but no kids (my health in general bites).

Long story short, had to have an MRI and the report says I have on the left: 7mm irregular mass with non- circumscribed edges, washout (fast uptake).
The right side has an 8mm oval circumscribed mass, washout (fast uptake) associated with a 23 mm clumped, segmental non mass enhancement.

I have to wait until October for the biopsies... Ugh!  Thoughts?
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I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time waiting for a biopsy,but as you well know, only a biopsy can tell for sure what is going on. One of the problems with MRIs is that they present a lot of false positives. Many benign lesions show up on a MRI looking quite similar to cancerous lesions therefore anything that looks suspicious, additional testing becomes necessary.
Until your lesion is checked under the microscope, there is no way to know if it is cancer. Having "washout kinetics" makes it suspicious, but you could still end up with benign results.
Hang in there and we hope that your biopsy procedure will go smoothly and results in benign findings.
All the best to you and good luck!
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Thanks... I am a cl in Brain/pituitary and already dealt with 5 other tumors so hoping for benign.
Will let you know.. Thanks again for the kind words.
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Right side came back as invasive grade 2. Waiting for left side results.
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I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know finding out that we have breast cancer is scary and overwhelming but don’t be discouraged. Breast cancer is a treatable disease since new technologies and many advanced treatments are available these days.
Your team of Doctors will plan treatments designed specifically for you and hopefully they will be successful in achieving complete recovery.
Hoping that the biopsy done on your left breast will result in benign findings.
Best wishes…
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Please let us know if you need anything.  Zouzi , thank you for giving such wonderful support to rumpled and all your members on the community.

Your friends at MedHelp,

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I am so sorry about your diagnoses.  I know how scary it is, and how alone you can feel.  Please know you are being thought of.  
Your doctors will come up with a great plan, and you will beat this!  
As I have been told more than once "Fight Like A Girl!".
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Thank you Cheryl for your kind acknowledgment. It is very appreciated! :)
I really hope "rumpled" will be just fine once her treatments start.
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The right side is er+ and pr+. HER results pending.
Left side is invasive cancer too... Grade 1 which is better since it sits next to my chest.

On to a lot of tests to see if it is elsewhere. Really bummed...
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Hi and thank you for the update.
It’s rather unusual to have cancer in both breasts, but unfortunately it can occur and I am really sorry that this happened to you.
Even if you are one of the few women to experience cancer bilaterally, the scenario isn't as dire as it sounds. Many studies have shown that a woman's prognosis is not necessarily worse if she has breast cancer in both breasts, and that the outcomes in such cases are often excellent.
Although each breast may require a different treatment strategy, the overall treatment for breast cancer in both breasts is no different than for cancer that occurs in just one breast.
The good thing is that the tumor in your right breast is rather small and is ER/PR positive which will respond well to medication, such as Tamoxifen or other similar drugs to lower considerably the risk of recurrence. The tumor in your left breast is Grade 1 which is also a good thing.
It’s going to be a long journey but don’t be disheartened. Take one step at a time, follow your Doctor’s recommendation and I am sure you’ll be able to beat this disease like many of us did.
Wishing you all the best and successful outcome.
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Thanks. Will keep you posted on the other tests... I have a known lung mass, but benign it is thought. Joy... More testing... More waiting.
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The left side is different being er+,pr- and her-.  The right is er+. pr+, her-.  I still will get the meds just thought it was strange.
So I spent the day making a bunch of pre-op clearance appointments and the gene doc (which will be after).  I am opting for the double mastectomy.  I could have done the lumpectomy but with my history and the placement of the tumors, I would have been very lopsided so the double is a better choice and I may avoid radiation which can also be a better choice (I need it elsewhere and trying to avoid as much as I can).  They are sing if I can get a ct and bone scan before surgery as well.
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ER (Estrogen) and PR (Progesterone) receptor status tests are done to show whether or not one or both of those hormones fuel your tumor. Estrogen positive, even if it’s weak, medication such as Tamoxifen (or other similar drugs) is usually recommended to lower the risk of recurrence in the same breast and helps prevent new cancer in the opposite breast.
Cancer that is hormone-sensitive is slightly slower growing and has a better chance of responding to hormone-suppression drugs, than cancer that is hormone receptor negative.
HER-2/neu negative cancer is also a good thing, because it is considered less aggressive than HER-2 positive.
I am sure that your Doctors will explain all this to you in details, when you’ll meet them.
Since you have decided on a double mastectomy, I will send you a link by PM.
Wishing you all the best and I hope that everything goes smoothly for you.
Take care..
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