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Which indicates breast cancer metastatic to the bone better CT scan or Bone Scan

I had a CT scan and Bone scan done on the same day. The CT scan came back with a ill-defined sclerotic lesion present in the posterior right acetabulum which may reflect Bone Island. My Bone Scan results no scintigraphic evidence of osseous metastatic disease. Do I ignore the findings on the CT scan? I looked up the sclerotic lesions and it did not seem good. My oncologist is saying to go by bone scan but why wouldn't we follow up with the CT scan?
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I am not qualified to answer your question from a medical standpoint, but I would be a little apprehensive to not look into the CT scan results also.  maybe get a second opinion?  i know I would.
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A sclerotic lesion on CT is indeterminate, possibly representing bone island versus blastic metastasis. If history of cancer such as breast cancer, nuclear medicine whole body bone scan and/or PET/CT can serve as a tiebreaker. Lack of hypermetabolic activity on your bone scan favors benign bone island (or treated bony metastasis).
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