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To whom it may concern, a lump in my armpit has been growing ever since 3 years and i have been told by my doctor that my breast is abnormal, so he referred me to get biospy but i cancelled my appointment because my daughter just started studying in holistic medicine, and she told me not to do it. However, i saw this website and i would like to have an accurate information how to remove the lump, and where did it come from... Hope to be hearing from you soon. Thanks
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I am surprised and concerned that you would take the advice of your daughter, who is "just beginning to study holistic medicine," over the advice of your doctor, who has completed medical school, internship, and possibly residency in an area of medical specialization! :-(

I agree with your doctor. There is much to be gained from a biospy (like peace of mind if it turns out to be a benign finding, or an accurate diagnosis of what it actually is, should it be something more serious), and really nothing to lose...

Once the pathology results  from the biopsy are back, a decision can be made regarding whether the lump needs to be removed.

Please keep us posted regarding how things turn out by adding additional comments to this same thread.

Best wishes,
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I would listen to what the dr says. Do not rule out using complementary and alt treatment along with what the field of medical science has to offer. Rethink about the biopsy. I know fear of the unknown is hard to go through but it is your choice in the end. We are here for you let us know how things are going in your journey. <3
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hi my mother died of breast cancer two [2] years ago,i have a lump under my right arm i went to the doctor, he did an ultrasound and he said that it was fatty tissue,i have a baby only 3 weeks old, should i be worried about the lump?....
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I have to say I am seriously concerned. To date, there is NO known holistic or natural cure for cancer. Think about it, if there was, would cancer still be around and causing the damage it does?


I know you love and respect your daughter, but you are responsible for your health and it sounds to me like you are scared (which is normal) and are taking an easy way out not to go.

Put on your big girls panties my dear and get it checked out as soon as possible.

You can do it
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