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Bone Mets cure

What are the natural cures for bone mets? What about increased calcium intake, CA-D3, Essiac or others?
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i hate to be the one to tell you this. but there is no such thing as a natural cure for bones mets. In fact once your breast cancer goes to the bones, there is absolutely no cure at all for the breast cancer. There never will be.  all you can do is hope that when once chemo drug stops working, there is another chemo drug to switch to..When there are no more chemos availble, then it is over. i spoke to a cancer specialist researcher who was a nominee for the nobel prize a number of years ago. I asked him if i provided him with a blank cheque made payable to him, how much money would he require to cure my cancer or stop it from moving....The answer was Zero. i asked why. He said that it is impossible as once cancer goes to bones, there are too many molecules. Just can't ever get all of them.  the sad truth is that once cancer is at bone stage, life expectancy is no longer than three years from the date of first chemo treatment.

There is the odd case where someone lives longer, but rare. I have stage four breast cancer. Started out in bones (ribs, spine). I was supposed to die july 8, 2006.  They say im a walking miracle. Still here. Cancer has moved to liver, pelvic fluid, lining of right lung and now shoulder blades. Still here and in fact, even though cancer has spread, I'm doing better than when I started out. Before chemo, I was on morphine was awful. following my first chemo treatment, stopped all pain meds until 3 weeks ago.  I traveled to israel in october and just came back from new york last weekend. I am having pain in my left shoulder. Cancer markers are down, liver mets have improved slightly but bones scan shows hot spots of the tips of my shoulder blades. Left side is worse. I'm on my fifth chemo drug. Will not take a chemo that wil make my hair fall out again. No point as when i stop chemo, cancer spreads again.

this is what you can try. Ask your doctor for zometa,a monthly infusion. I may start radiation for my shoulder pain. I take a chemo pill along with zometa once a month and one vitamin D pill and one calcium pill daily...

Here is the thing, having metastatic disease is literally being one foot step ahead of death.  You really don't need to ask your questions via this site. Just ask your oncologist. Your oncologist is the best person to ask such questions.

In August 2007, I just wanted to die. I couldn't take it anymore, the financial pressure, the way I looked. I just had enough. I was clinically depressed. . . I wont lie. I walked around in a daze when I was told that any cure was impossible. Then something happened, i accepted it. I stopped looking for answers via these websites. I stopped trying to figure it out and stopped trying to control it. At that point, I started to enjoy life.

I really am happy these days. I don't freak out anymore. I have stopped calling the hospital everytime I cough. Okay, I'm having tremendous bone pain in my shoulders, but i will sort that out.  All is good.

good luck.
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Hi.  I agree with 1215 when she said that cancer which has spread to the bones is most likely incurable, but I do not agree with her statement that you only have three years life expectancy once you reach this stage.  With proper treatment, I have seen patients with stable bone metastases lead functional lives for up to ten years from the date of initial chemotherapy.  The scenario is not as grim as 1215 has painted it.  

Zometa, or other drugs from the same family (bisphosphonates), can provide good control not only of he pain from bone metastases.  They can help stop the spread of the cancer in the bones, and repair the areas eaten up by metastases.  You do not have to resort to "natural cures" because bisphosphonates are already highly effective drugs.

1215 is right about one thing though.  The sooner you can accept your situation, the easier it becomes. My prayers go to both of you, elmani and 1215.
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Last month my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  It spread to her spine (L1 and today we learned to her Sacrum).  She is on Tamoxifin and Zomeda.  Doctors have said Chemo isn't the treatment of choice (yet).  Instead, use hormonal drugs and Zomeda.  Your comments (and those of 1215) contemplate Chemo.  I have asked more than once of our oncologist and of another who I trust and both recommended hormonal therapy.  I don't want to wake up one day and wonder if we should have done Chemo immediately.  Does this sound like we are on the right track?
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Hi.  The decision to use chemotherapy or hormonal therapy in Stage 4 breast cancer is a complex process.  A lot of factors have to be considered, such as the patient's age, functional capacity (how strong the body is to withstand the effects of chemotherapy), kidney and liver function status, hormone receptor and HER-2 receptor status, pattern of metastatic spread, etc.  I'm sure that your doctors weighed all these factors in before coming up with a decision that chemotherapy is not the most appropriate option at this point.

I'll give you an example of how the decision making process goes: An elderly 75 year old woman who can still do the usual household chores, presents with a solitary metastatic spread to her spine. Her estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor tests are both positive.  The appropriate treatment in this case is probably hormonal treatment (e.g. tamoxifen, or an aromatase inhibitor) and a bisphosphonate (e.g. Zometa).  Older people generally get more adverse effects from chemotherapy than younger ones, so chemotherapy may not be a good option.  Since the spread is confined to the bone, hormonal treatment and bisphosphonates are probably enough to contain the disease.  

Now, if we are presented with the same patient but we find that aside from the bone metastases, she also has liver lesions, then probably we should consider giving chemotherapy, since we are probably dealing with a more aggressive disease, and would need a treatment which provides faster control of the disease than hormonal treatment can provide.

Again, if you take our original example, and change the age of the patient from 75 to 30 years, the decision also changes.  Even if the metastases seems to be confined to just one spinal lesion, the fact that it occurred in a very young patient suggests an aggressive cancer which should be treated initially with chemotherapy.

If you're having any doubts about your wife's course of treatment, then by all means, discuss it with your oncologist.  But this time, try asking about the specific factors which made him prefer hormonal treatment over chemotherapy.  I'm sure he'll be happy to talk things over with you and your wife.

Hope the explanations help.

I was diagnosed with bone mets last January (2015) and am doing well on my third drug (Xeloda and monthly injections of Xgeva). The Xeloda is taken two weeks with a week off and then two weeks again. I don't know how long I'll be on it but it's working for me. So much so that my bone scan and CT scan in Jan 2016 were GOOD! I am not happy to be dealing with this at 52 but I am living my life and feeling well; definitely not as achey as I was last year. I remain hopeful that with all the research, there will be something someday for people with bone mets. Until then, I continue to walk, take care of myself and enjoy my family. There is a woman who sees a doctor I know who's lived with this for 20 years so it's possible. My attitude is if you think you're going to die, you will ... if you don't and just go on with your life, you'll live longer. I choose the latter.
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Fernando mD - thanks for your comments.  You are correct there are some people who live ten years following first chemo. Unfortunately, i will not be one of them. I was told that by a number of oncologists. The reason is that the cancer is not only in my bones (skull, spine, ribs, tips of scapula) but throughout my liver, pelvic fluid, abdominal lining of right lung.  It was Dr. Sunil Verma (google him) that told me that nobody like me has lived three years.  I was introduced to a number of women who had stage 4 cancer and were living ten or more years. However, when i questioned these women, it became apparent that 10 or 15 years ago they were diagnosed with breast cancer. had surgery or radiation and may have had chemo for six months. Following treatment, these women were cancer free. by the time i met them, they had a recurrence which unfortunately turned out to be stage 4. Although they presented themselves as having stage 4 cancer for ten years, that was not so. They actually were stage 4 for 2 or so months. This was misleading.

brett 527, the first line of treatment for stage 4 breast ca in the bones is hormones along with zometa. that is what i was supposed to be on. Initially i was put on tamoxifin and zometa. Unfortunately, in the month of testing to determine my type of cancer, my cancer went haywire and spread outside the bones to number of places.  The day i was prescribed tamoxifin, my bloodwork came back indicating that my calcium levels were so high I was going to have a fatal heart attack that day. i had already left the hosp. i was called back and admitted.  Up until that day, my oncologist did say that i could live with the cancer for 10 years.  After that day, my doctor never said that again.  My cancer just spread to too many places.  I only took one tamoxifin pill. As mentioned I was supposed to die that day. From what i was told, my doctor had one opportunity to save my life. she put me on a clinical trial of avastin and taxotere immediately. She somehow slipped me in the study before doing the ct scans.  The thought amongst the team was that I would not live to see the second chemotherapy...this all took place on july 18, 2006....I'm here. Yippee!!!  I hope this note clarifies things.  I am a rare bird. My cancer is just too small and aggressive. i hope this email gives you some peace of mind.  one more thing...

In israel I finally met someone like me.  the girl i met is 32 years old, 2 kids. She was diagnosed May 2007. No lump, She had leg pain.  The breast cancer mets were in her leg bone. Fernando md will know the name of the bone.  This girl has been taking zometa and tamoxifin for 8 months. She is doing fine. She was in great spirts...There were four of us out for dinner.  Will admit that the the two cancer girls were drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and laughing our head's off. We figured, what the hell, like cigarettes are going to kill us?  

As i said in my previous note, as long as there is a chemo drug i can be switched to when the current chemo stops working, i am happy. Since writing my last note, my ct scan showed a slight improvement of the cancer in my liver, my ca 15.3 is 95 (hasn't been under 150 since april 2007) and my cea is 23.3 (was 46.6 in october), everything else has stayed the same...which in the cancer world is good.

Happy new year to all of you.
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Hi. Thank you for your insights as well. I'm glad your cancer is stable at present. Have a happy new year.
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Thank you for your time and comments.  My wife is 45 and we have 3 younger children.  Cancer showing in the Breast, node near thyroid, node next to liver, spine (L1 and Sacrum).  Radiological Oncologist started radiation for Sacrum last Friday due to significant pain there for my wife.  Said pain should start to ease within a week.  We trust the Oncologist, but are always looking for more info.

Thanks again to all and have a Happy New Year.
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You should know,

My mother contracted lung cancer in 1996.
After a biopsy she was classified as terminal.
Her lungs were covered with small cancerous nodes which
according to her doctors were too numerous to be eradicated.

I had found out about Essiac prior to her illness. I talked to her about it and she agreed to try it. Well, after 3 months of taking the tea she went back to her doctor for a checkup and he found that the cancer was receding. He recommended that whatever she was doing, she should continue.

After about 7 or 8 months her cancer had gone into remission and there was only one node left. Her health was robust and she lived 10 more years before developing pnuemonia.

I have first hand knowledge of other people getting great results using Essiac. Besides a uterine cancer case in Washington that is being cured as I type; My brother has Crohns disease and he actually feels good when he is not suffering an attack, and the attacks are less serious.
Dr Charles Brusch (Pres. Kennedy's personal physician) should not go without mention as he cured himself of bowel cancer.

I think this is serious information and Essiac should be considered seriously as a complement to ANY therapy.

With consistent dosages over time (even when you feel good), Essiac used to treat cancer has been shown in my experience to be effective.

Quality is of utmost importance. I used a brand from that worked well, and after a couple of years bought the stainless pots and strainers and started making my own from floressence (only about $10 a quart compared to 27.00).

God Bless and Take Care

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